20 Underrated Ways To Improve Your Appearance Almost Instantly

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. Get adequate sleep

2. Don’t skip the fruits and vegetables

3. Proper haircuts (seriously, spend the money if you can!!!)

4. Well-fitting clothes

5. For women: a bra that properly fits may actually make you look thinner

6. Drink lots of water (everyone tells you to do it for a reason)

7. Clean and groom your fingernails (yes, even if you’re a dude)

8. Finding colors that match your skin tone, whether for clothes or for makeup

9. Straightening your posture (if you’re having trouble, yoga and posture braces can do wonders)

10. Neaten your eyebrows, even if it just means plucking some stray hairs in the middle

11. Wash your jackets, towels, and sheets more often — not only do they start to make you smell over time, but the dirt and oil residue left on them are bad for your skin

12. Brush your teeth twice a day, not only to combat bad breath but to keep your teeth shiny and healthy-looking

13. A proper skincare routine (and don’t forget the moisturizer)

14. Sunscreen!!!

15. Start working out a few times a week — even if it doesn’t transform your body, it’s still good for your skin

16. A few choice makeup items that help you look alive (after all, you don’t need a full face of makeup every day if you don’t want it, but maybe just a little blush or mascara to keep you looking put together)

17. Ironing your clothes

18. Making an effort to take care of your hair, whether it’s the hair that grows out of your scalp or your beard

19. Lip balm or chapstick — if your lips are always chapped, people are going to notice

20. Confidence and kindness — it’ll really get you places Thought Catalog Logo Mark