Finding a dead body

10 People Reveal The Haunting Story Behind The Time They Accidentally Found A Dead Body

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At University, I used to work through the night to get projects finished but would break at around 2AM to go for a walk. The city where I studied had excellent footpaths that meant you could walk from anywhere to anywhere without crossing a single road – the path system had bridges and underpasses.

One night when my final project wasn’t compiling for whatever reason, I went walking and found what I thought was a glove at the entrance to an underpass. Further inside was what looked like some refuse sacks, but something felt really wrong, so being an indestructable 20 year old, I investigated to find that the glove was a severed hand, and the refuse sacks were a dismembered body. One quick phone call to the police later and I missed my deadline by being questioned by the police – apparently also my clothes were evidence (the university were understanding and gave me an extra day to complete it).

— tac-21a


Found a body out in the woods, went back to report it. Walked the sheriff back to where I’d found it (no mistaking where it had been; it was not far from a small cave I liked to explore), and there was no body remaining. The sheriff looks around a little and then steps back. He tells me to walk slowly back out of the area and not to come back there.

Turns out, he found tracks and stools from a mountain lion. It had likely eaten/dragged off the body in the time I’d been away to get help. No idea if it had been close while I’d been there.


In uni my friend and I found our mutual friend’s body in water reservoir in a park on campus. We didn’t know it was him at the time though because he was face down and bloated so we called 911 and just gave our statements when the sherrif came. I mentioned that we also hadn’t seen our friend the whole day and he hadn’t responded to any text but we didn’t think it was him.

We didn’t see or hear from him for the rest of the day which made me nervous and I think I kind of denied that it could have been him but the police called next day to tell us that it was.

— the_television


I live in South Africa, crime is not new to me. Its a daily thing that you just kind of learn to live with here.

When i was 15 my (much older) cousin was going through a nasty divorce. She, and her two little boys fled from her abusive husband and moved 1300km away to be closer to us (her family). He ended up following her to our town, and rented a room from a guy he knew from years back. He was threatening her and the kids almost daily. I drove with my cousin to pick up her son’s from school one afternoon, she walked in and was told by the teacher that their father had collected them earlier the day. She completely freaked out and drove straight to the police station where she begged them (if you are south african you will know that we sometimes need to beg and plead with our police to actually do their job) to accompany her to the apartment to get her kids back. We drove there with two police officers in tow. When we arived an older lady was there banging on the door, saying that she hasn’t heard from her son (the guy that owns the apartment) in days, and she is worried. His car wasn’t there, but she knew something isn’t right. Police eventually break in the door, after speaking to neighbours and hearing stories of a fight a few nights ago (and probably the awful smell coming from inside). We found the guy he was living with dead, rolled up in a carpet behind the couch. I still remember the top of the head just barely sticking out of the rug when we all noticed it. They found her husband that afternoon, in the victims car, with the two boys thankfully unharmed. He tried to use the guys credit card to rent a car, because he probably knew they would be looking for that one.

— VampGirl89


Came up on someone that had just flipped their Harley. It was awful; there were brains on his face, and he had instantly died. I was riding with a doctor so we had to stop and render aid until the EMS showed up. The screams from his girlfriend who’d been driving in a separate car at the time were the absolute worst part. Felt terrible for her. At least I found out that night that blood and guts don’t phase me. The other thing that really sucked about the accident was it was on Thanksgiving Day.

— pianistafj


Walked in on my grandma’s body.

She was murdered in her house and I went there to help her prepare for Mother’s Day which was going to be the following day.

So much blood, though, it still haunts me.

— irmari01


Homeless guy burned himself alive in the woods. He was freezing so he built a fire too close to his tent.

I often have to go back to that area, and what is shocking to me is how long the burned up campsite was just left there.

It’s like they took the charred body and didn’t care about anything else.

— -_Chiron_-


A friend of mine has recently joined the police, she went through her training and it’s her first week on the job, she gets called out to this house as the neighbours reported not seeing the man for a couple of weeks (close community), they get the spare key off a certain neighbour who was the last to see him, enter his house and it’s warm as hell in there. All the windows are shut and all of the heaters are on full blast. The police go in to the front room and this guy is face down on the couch… he’d molded to the couch and his skin has melted off on to the coach. The guy was literally mush. Turns out the guy who had let the police in had killed him, then arranged all the heaters to be on him so that all of the forensic evidence on the skin was destroyed when the skin melted off. It was only after a few of his back story lies didn’t add up that they realised that it was this dude that had orchestrated the whole thing.

— McHugh7


Was out in Drumheller when I was younger hiking with two of my cousins and found a severed head. Soon as I saw it (I was in front of both) I just backed up and said “Guys let’s not follow this trail anymore…” and just pointed at the head. So we hiked off trail till we got back where we were camping and grabbed the nearest security person we could find.

Took him back to where I found it, got asked a few questions, and then was sent back to camp. Left pretty shortly after that and haven’t been back since.

— SortaPsychotic


I am Russian (drumroll), and of course I’ve seen some crazy things.

1)When In my 3rd grade I saw dead body next to my school near one apartment building: it later turns out the guy was doing something on the balcony but stumbeled and fell to his death all the way from 5th floor. I had my classmate laugh and run towards me “lol did you see that dead guy?”.

2)Then in one class when we had to clean up autumn leaves in the school’s yard we saw some dead hobo/alcoholic or druggie with slit throat chilling under a pile of leaves. Nobody got really scared, there is something “idgaf” about russian kiddos.

— ehhthatsme Thought Catalog Logo Mark