Here’s How Jemma Suicide Is Changing The Modeling Industry

Jemma Suicide in photos she's taken of herself and posted on Twitter
Twitter / @JemmaSuicideM

Jemma Suicide is one of the hottest models out there, and, well, we don’t really have to prove it to you. Just take a look through her Instagram and you’ll see why. (Just, like, don’t do it in public… it’s a little NSFW).

Jemma’s moniker comes from her involvement in The SuicideGirls, a squad of women who pose as pin-up models and perform in Burlesque shows. But Jemma isn’t just any model — she’s technically classified as a midget alternative model. That’s right, she’s classified as a little person, though, honestly, it’s not always super obvious in her pictures. Still, she’s loud and proud about it — and she’s not afraid to show it all off.

Why is Jenna Suicide (or, as she’s sometimes referred to, Sizzling Sierra) such a big deal in the modeling community? Well, considering female models used to adhere to a certain standard of height and weight (generally 100-125 pounds and 5’6″-5’10”), you could say that Jemma is breaking down the barriers. As her popularity continues to climb, we’ll hopefully see more diverse body types entering the modeling world.

We’re definitely about to see a shift in beauty standards in modeling. Jemma is blazing trails for women everywhere. TC mark

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