Understanding The Universal Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, And Pisces

Understanding The Universal Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, And Pisces


After Capricorn’s ideals and ambitions there comes something even higher. Something that surpasses this material world, this physical world and need of survival. The need to attain goals (in order to preserve, as Capricorn would want), is not anymore the main objective, but something paramount.

The need to attain a goal now is a superlative unique goal. A unique purpose, a different purpose that can create a change. It is that moment of instant vision, instant feeling, and instant idea, in which we just know why we are here, our distinctive purpose, our eccentricity, and we will go and do it in the world. No matter what, and if there is the need for rebellion, it will happen.

Aquarius is related to the middle of winter. The shocking part when winter first arrived has already past. The survivors have adapted and learnt the new environment and what they need to do in order to stay up. Now what? They need to have a strong position, a strong quality that can enable them to pass this time and get to the next higher level. They need not to be taken over by collective forces. They need attitude.

Humans always want more. Something distinctive that can represent what they are with value and impetus. Aquarius is that quality.

Fixed air, Aquarius is very secure and strong. Being of air element, this strength takes the form of intellectual, mind and artistic skills.

Aquarius is the sign ruled by the first planet not visible to the human eye from Earth, Uranus, so then it is a transcending quality that has a deeper meaning which might not be visible to humans.

Something only people with a strong Aquarian imprint know. If you know your Sun sign is Aquarius, or you are rising in Aquarius, or your Moon is in Aquarius, or you have a strong eleventh house, or you simply have a very strong Aquarian position in your birth chart by aspects, then you might understand this very easily.

Aquarius needs to have a higher purpose on life. Higher, in this case, will be associated with two main ideas.

First, the idea of distinctiveness. Let us go back to Aquarius polarity, Leo. With Leo we learnt that each of us has an individual identity fire (our creativity) that is burning in our hearts. That which makes us unique individuals, with different views, different ideas, different thoughts and different skills (not everyone can be an engineer or a lawyer or a doctor or a corporate business man, for example).

And unfortunately, only some people will get to know this fire and use it. Some people might know it and use it for themselves. And then, we have some people will know it, use it for themselves and for the world, community or organization.

Then we move to the next idea: creating a shift or change in man or in the world. Aquarius moves from the Leo polarity and he or she will attempt to thoughtfully use (air element) their individual creative fire (from Leo) in order to make something out for the world.

Aquarius will typically rebel against the mainstream because they know they are different and special. Aquarius will normally have a different way of thinking and a very active mind. Their ideas are clever, exceptional and inventive. Typical of a genius.

And it is common to know strong Aquarian individuals with a different life view. The musician, the artist, the community worker, the fighter for human (or women) rights, the fighter for animal protection, the crazy genius, the entrepreneur, the alternative healer, the vegan, the so called hippie, the designer and the strategist. These are just examples.

A properly used Aquarian quality will reflect an individual with a distinctive personality and a strong self-confidence. A person who will stick to their higher ideals without letting be affected by other waves of thinking. A person who will have the widest and unbiased perspective ever. A non-attached person who does not operate on the earthly level of physical attachment to things or people. Literally somebody with strong emotional impermeability who does not understand the personal or romantic drama.

This person will typically have a masterful mind with a strongly developed unique creativity, and who will know, by a superior transcending mean, what they have to do in life. And thanks to their impermeability, they will persevere against all blockages (family, society, people or circumstances).

But of course, this can take a negative form: a person whose impermeability is so strong, that becomes disconnected from what personal emotional level means. A person who lacks the ability to feel the other, to understand the other and who will run away from personal dramas. Somebody with lack of affection demonstrations. Someone who will sometimes be absent minded (because they are operating inwards in their own ideas and inventions). Someone dedicated to their superior goals and sometimes they forget their present lives. Their loved ones.

In a different negative scenario, what can become affected is their pure Aquarian essence. The person might not learn how to undertake their Aquarian journey. The environment or family in which the person has grown can create such a strong collective pressure, in which the uniqueness of the individual can be repressed and shut down in order to attain what the mainstream demands as proper. As a result, life can become silently frustrated because no matter what, the Aquarian need for achieving something unique, special and higher will always be present and will become toxic if the individual does not follow his individuality. Repression is always a reason for future karmic issues.


The end of the journey, and the beginning of a new cycle. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before we start again the journey of life. Therefore, Pisces deals with endings and the convergence of emotions, thoughts and ideas which can be a little difficult to fully comprehend.

The change from winter into spring again. The change of this cycle into a new life cycle.

When something is about to finish we always go through a conclusion time. A closing time which deals with this confluence of deep things that have gone and are going inside every bit of soul substance that is in all of our cells.

Final and mutable water. We know water is the element of emotions. And emotions are difficult to put into words. Imagine an ocean with its tides and its depths. Pure blueness, pure unknown realms. We dive in and then waves and whirls start moving us fast. We lose track of where we are, we lose our grip, and the all-encompassing power of the ocean water takes over. It can be chaotic.

Pisces represents that stage of our soul evolution in which we make our life conclusions, statements and actions that sum up our evolution journey through this time and what is the real meaning of all we’ve been through. Sometimes this can be too much for a regular human soul.

Pisces by nature deals in watery subtle unformed and bizarre realms. Dreams are associated with Pisces, because by essence, Pisces is itself the subconscious. That stratum beneath the surface, where all our feelings are moving in whirls carrying with them fast images, thoughts and ideas. Things from the past, from ancient karma brought in through our birth. These can produce the state of confusion and sensitivity to anything that happens around.

As a result, Pisces is highly sensitive to his or her personal feelings, environment and to other people. Everything that happens around Pisces takes it inwards to their twirl of emotions and all of a sudden, tears start coming out from the eyes like “I don’t know what happens but I just feel really sad”.

Pisces is ruled by the second transcendental planet invisible to human eye, Neptune. Therefore, Pisces quality is indeed very invisible to the human eye. Neptune planet was discovered in a 1846, a period of this Earth life cycle evolution in which humans started to develop a more compassionate and spiritual attitude. A time in which spiritualism, religion, philosophies, imagination and dreams, as mentioned by Richard Tarnas (2009) in Archaii: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology Vol 1 No 1, elevated.

And these attributes are associated with Pisces itself: compassion, all-encompassing love, spiritualism, unconsciousness and consciousness, awakenings, life philosophies, creativity, dreams and embrace for the collective.

Now, going back to the end of the cycle, people in closing time need to make final conclusions. What is all this life about? What is my ultimate purpose or my ultimate lesson? After all these experiences, what is the most valuable lesson? Love.

This love is a different type of love than the Venusian one. This is a love for the collective, for the world, for everyone and everything. This of course does not mean that all people with a strong Pisces will love everything. But it does mean that they will have an inclination for compassion and for kind service.

Virgo, the polarity, is service and work. Virgo is analytical and employs his or her skills to bring fruits from working the land (the world) and from helping other people. For Pisces, however, this service takes an absolute outwardly level. In Pisces, service is not just about helping or working to make the world fertile.

For Pisces, service is about merciful loving kindness. It is about literally feeling our service in our hearts. It is about feeling this life, this love, this universality and the supreme bonding that ties everything and everyone we know together. They just feel it and believe it.

In common life, we might associate Pisces with few well know archetypes (again, these are just general associations). The hippie of one love one heart, who feels this love and this one heart in all life on Earth, and who loves nature, animals, people, and smiles.

The surfer who is connected with the unequalled supreme force of the ocean when he or she rides the wave. Connected with the water, and with that particular feeling that is sensed at that very moment. Something they cannot explain, it is too much to put into words.

The artist who feels the confluence of all living yearnings from history in their art when passing the pencil or the brush. The musician, who not just listens the music he or she creates, but has also the power of alchemy to transform the pure universal essence of every note sound into a melody that carries the one source with it.

The designer, who brings his or her own magical watery realm into their creations by pure sensitivity to their inner and ancestral creative fire.

The therapist or holistic therapist, who empathizes with the clients’ emotional field and connects at a higher level bringing his or her powerful healing energy.

The psychic clairvoyant, who is connected to another higher realm in another energy field. The dancer who feels that blissful connection wave in every move. The kind friend, the kind colleague, who is always there to provide the hand to the other. The writer whose hands are taken over by the source to translate in words the unspeakable feelings.

There are so many ways in which the Pisces energy can manifest.

A positive Piscean quality, will take over an individual who has the ability to merge with the source and to surrender to it. A person who has broken the boundaries between earth and what is above. This person will be kind by nature, empathetic with his or her environment and other people.

Will naturally understand through feeling, the feeling of other people, and give their hand of support. Will have passed the dramas of the personal and social signs, the earthly preoccupation of the earth signs and the logical boundaries of air signs. In some cases, this person will have absolutely no worries about things of the material world and about being different. This is part of their resolution to what really matters in this world for them.

In addition, they will be possessors of exceptional creativity (hopefully discovered), and a strong connection with that which is not in this plane (dreams, visions, feelings). They will have a thirst to feel stronger connection to the universe either through spiritualism or religion.

In the negative side, Pisces energy can become a chaos. The nature of this chaos is that emotions, thoughts and fears can be very strong, and painful. The individual in many cases is not able to deal with these forces, fears or pain.

The sensitivity is too much, and they cannot bear it. So then another facet of Pisces comes: avoidance. The negative side of Pisces can bring the individual to avoid reality. The avoidance of reality, as we know, can take place through external agents: drugs, alcohol or other vices.

In fact, if we talk about drugs, they might not only be used to avoid reality by Pisces, but also to reinforce a feeling of bliss. In some cases, to bring the individual to connect with the source in a fast way (like with the so called aya-huasca herb, for example). There are, however, other good vices to avoid reality, such as yoga or exercise.

So the pain for Pisces can be too much for them, the anxiety, the worry and the sadness. They might recur to other type of external helpers which, of course, will not amend the pain nor change reality.

The key for Pisces is to surrender to life, to love, to hope and to compassion. Not just for others, but for themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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