How To Steal From Whole Foods

Message from Chris Lavergne:Mahbod Moghadam requested the article be removed from Thought Catalog because of communications with the Whole Foods legal department. Although we strive to support freedom of expression, we also strive to support writers on their own terms and in this scenario we don’t feel it’s right to force Mahbod to keep something up he has demanded be removed for legal reasons. You can hear from the writer below.

Message from Mahbod Moghadam: When I wrote this article, I intended it for an intelligent audience who would recognize it as satire. I didn’t expect it to go viral to a huge audience who took it literally, which is very bad for Whole Foods. After speaking with Whole Foods, who asked me to take it down, I agreed because I had never meant to upset them. I was trying to write satire and and that is not how it was received at all.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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