7 Reasons Introverts Make The Best Boyfriends


1. They are amazing conversationalists

Introverts have loads of opinions and this is why they are so good at conversation even though most people think they are uniformly quiet and shy. But these people are wrong, and if you can get an introvert going on a topic they know about, or care a lot about, you’ve basically won them over. Boring, small talk-y, filling-the-air-with-sound, uninspired conversation is one thing introverts do not do. So if you want your boyfriend to have great convo skills, date an introvert.

2. They are mysterious

By nature, introverts are difficult to figure out. It’s that whole not-letting-people-in- right-away thing. And it’s that sense of mystery that draws you into them because no matter how much you know about an introvert, or how much you think you know, there’s always another layer, another ring to peel off. Because extroverts put it all out there, so to speak, you come away feeling like you’ve seen everything you need to know about them. They’re almost always on display. Introverts, on the other hand, only reveal pieces of themselves as and when they feel comfortable. Love a man of mystery? Date an introvert.

3. Introverts are really thoughtful

And that means they give excellent gifts and other surprises because they’ve really thought it through. They care about you and want to do a really good job. Before settling on a gift they’ve already thought about exactly what you like and they’ve remembered that place you said you wanted to go that one time and that one book you said you wanted to read. Even beyond gift giving introverts are thoughtful and think about other people’s needs in addition to their own. They will take care of themselves, but they want to take care of you, too.

4. They will be inspiring

Introverts may be quiet but that just means they speak loudly in other ways. Maybe they’re a great writer, artist, poet, singer, musician, or maybe they’re insanely good at tennis. Whatever it is, your introverted boyfriend will almost surely have “a thing” that he’s into and you’ll get to learn all about it, experience it. You’ll find his talents inspiring.

5. They give you an automatic exit clause out of social situations you don’t want to be in

You know how you get roped into going to some house party or magazine launch or art opening or whatever but don’t really want to stay too long? Your introverted boyfriend can help! All he has to do is say he’s ready to pump “but you should stay and enjoy the party” — and he really means it, too. That’s your exit clause.

6. Introverts are incredibly loyal

It’s difficult for introverts to make connections with new people. But when they do, you can expect them to be totally loyal. A wasted connection or wasted loyalty is wasted energy. This isn’t to say that an introvert will never cheat or make mistakes now and again, but it does mean that what makes an introvert such a great boyfriend is that they are there for you through and through. It isn’t just lip service.

7. They are not selfish lovers

We’ve all slept with someone who was really selfish in bed. The whole thing was all about them, leaving you like, “Oh really?” But an introvert knows what you like, and if he doesn’t know then at least you can count on him to read you and figure it out. But don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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