When To Play With His Balls And When To Leave Them Alone

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Balls are weird. I’m a guy, I have two balls, and I can tell you that balls are really freaking weird. They feel funny! They have hair on them! They hang low when they are warm but they climb back up inside when they get too cold! Some are huge and some are tiny! If you punch them too hard he will cry but if you play with them just right he will orgasm! Making all this ball-talk even more complex, some guys have low balls and others have high and tight balls. How his boys hang might have a lot to do with what he wants you to do with them — if he wants you to do anything.

Personally I think it’s weird when people head straight for the balls. Like, there’s a whole region down there though, lol. That said, probably the hottest thing in the world is when you’re standing up and making out with someone and you reach down for their balls/have your own balls reached down upon.

But as with most things, there are guys out there who like their balls played with and guys who do not. I’ve dated dudes from both spectrums, some who can’t get enough ball play and want you to pull on them or suck on them or hit them or chew on them and be as aggressive as you can possibly can — which, yikes. And I’ve seen porns where a dude’s balls have like clothes pins and other devices affixed to them and to me that just doesn’t seem like a whole lot of fun.

And then there are guys out there who do not want you to interact with their ball set under any circumstances.

Everyone knows that dudes love blow jobs, so one tip a lot of guys frequently give to the girls or guys going down them is to “pay more attention to the balls.” These people feel like the balls are unfairly neglected because they don’t really do anything. But do not be fooled! Some guys are perfectly fine with the balls just being there as decoration and don’t need you to engage with them in any direct way other than a light touch just before orgasm.

FYI: If your man asks you to play with or suck on his balls he may not want you to literally suck on them AS SUCH. Or maybe he does, iono! When he asks you to play with his little bros he probably wants you to apply some light touch, perhaps a gentle, loving caress. Perhaps you might lightly massage or tickle them, or maybe you pull on them a bit or put one or two in your mouth if you can work it. You might even cup them during a BJ and use that pressure as leverage to bring his P in and out. Whatever you do, as with any type of sex, and especially oral sex, enthusiasm is key. Your man wants you to LOVE his balls because he is proud of them.

Playing with a nice pair of balls can make sexual congress wonderful. But do yourself a favor and avoid funky balls. They are THE LITERAL WORST!!!! If he wants you to play with his balls the least he can do is make sure they are together. Unless you are into that sweaty ball smell, in which case, get your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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