51 Questions Only White People Ask

1. Can I touch your hair?
2. Is your hair real?
3. How did you get good hair?
4. Where do you summer?
5. Do you like being with white guys or black guys more?
6. But seriously though, how do I compare to a black guy?
7. Have you ever dealt with racism?
8. Hung?
9. How big is it?
10. Am I your first white girl? White guy?
11. Aren’t you a top?
12. Where can we go to brunch in this neighborhood?
13. Why do poor people use their money to buy designer bags?
14. Can you afford that? How can you afford that?
15. Which yoga studio do you go to?
16. When is our table going to be ready? You said 20 minutes and right now it’s 21 minutes.
17. Why do you keep saying reverse racism isn’t real?
18. Aren’t white people now the minority?
19. Does it bother you if I use the n-word? If Kanye says it, why can’t I?
20. (Biracial, part 1) Do you feel closer to your black side or your white side?
21. (Biracial, part 2) Wait, but which parent is which?
22. (Biracial, part 3) What are you?
23. Have you ever been to the ghetto?
24. I asked for a side of kale, but this is definitely way too much kale. Why did you give me so much kale?
25. Wait, but what’s your real name?
26. Wait, but were you like born here?
27. Where are you from? No no, like where are you FROM from?
28. Have you ever dated (insert ethnicity) before?
29. Do you have any Azn in you? Because you look like you have Azn in u!
30. You don’t look/act/talk/behave/etc like the other black/Asian/Middle Eastern/South Asian people I know. Why?
31. Wait, how can you tell Japanese/Korean/Chinese people apart?
32. Why do black people love fried chicken so much?
33. Is it racist if I ________________?
34. Do you believe racism still exists? We have a black president!
35. Can white people celebrate Kwanzaa? It seems so cool!
36. Am I racist if I only date black/Asian/latin@ people?
37. Why are black people always so loud?
38. How can I be racist if I have ____________ friends?
39. You speak so well — where did you go to school?
40. Why are you always pulling the race card?
41. Why do we need affirmative action? People should be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.
42. How come black girls don’t like to get their hair wet?
43. Where is the nearest Whole Foods?
44. Is that organic? Is it free range? Is it vegan?
45. Is it safe here?
46. What’s the attire?
47. Is this thing going to be casual, formal or business casual?
48. Do you guys have any quinoa?
49. Aren’t we all a part of the human race? All this talk about race just makes things worse.
50. How did you get this job?
51. When can we stop talking about race for crying out loud? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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