5 Things That Happen When Your Sister Has Her First Child

5 Things That Happen When Your Sister Has Her First Child

1. You Suddenly Realize She’s Not A Kid Anymore

As she ponders over baby names and asks your opinion on cute little outfits, it still doesn’t dawn on you that she’s about to enter or has already entered motherhood and what that all means. You know she’s having a baby, but you won’t realize she’s a mom now until that one afternoon where the baby is crawling around the house and everyone stands there, looking proud, taking pictures. Suddenly you’ll see her mothering over a baby and then you’ll remember that this was the person you threw food at at the dinner table and locked in the closet and played little jokes on and who you bonded with when you did something that got you both grounded. Now here she is, a mom herself.

2. You Freak Out About What Your Exact Responsibilities As Uncle/Aunt Should Be

Like…what are you supposed to do exactly? You’ve never been an uncle or an aunt before, and there are no guidebooks on how to be a great aunt or uncle aside from bringing lots of presents all the time. Does it mean being a babysitter? Does it mean helping out whenever you can? When my sister had my nephew five years ago, I sent him a cute little Yale baby onesie and all kinds of other stuff. Hey, gotta get them started early! But you don’t just want to be The Present Giver. You want to be in your nephew or niece’s life, which will be especially difficult if you and your sister live several states away. You want your nephew or niece to know who you are.

3. Your Parents Will Text Photos To Everyone About Cute Stuff The Baby Did Today

My mom texted me a picture of my nephew in his little Batman costume on Halloween and it was a total awe-fest. There’s nothing cuter than an excited parent sending cute photos of her grandson or granddaughter out to all of social media. Yes, people complain about lots of baby photos on Facebook, but I’m talking about when your mom or dad sends group text photos to all your family members from time to time, including relatives whose number you don’t even have. Then everyone responds about how cute the baby is and all is well in the world.

4. You’ll Realize She’s Still The Same Person

I don’t know why we think things change once the baby is born, as if you become some pod of your former self. As you watch your sister mother over her child, in the same breath you’ll realize that she’s actually the same girl. She’s got more responsibility and her life priorities have changed, but much else. She still laughs at the same things and has the same sense of humor, and if you threw food at her right now she’ll probably throw it right back at you, just like old times.

5. Everyone Will Ask When Are YOU Having Kids?

Your mom can’t wait to be a grandma, especially now that you’ve been out of the house a few years. As you make your way into your 20s and get closer to your 30s, parents start wondering when you’re going to put the keg down and start a family. But the pressure gets even stiffer if your sibling beats you to babyhood. Well now everyone is looking at you, asking where your baby is and when you’re going to get on the family train. You’re going to have to come up with a better excuse than “Oh, I’m just trying to focus on my career right now.” Not unless you want to sound like a soulless, baby hater. Thought Catalog Logo Mark