22 People Share Their Unethical (But Extremely Effective) Life Hacks

16. Getting free food at Chick-Fil-A

I use to work at Chick Fil A and we have a policy where if someone forgets their wallet or card we have to give them what they ordered anyway because the food would go to waste. So next time you’re hungry and low on cash go to the drive thru at your local Chick Fil A and act like you forgot your debit card and they will ALWAYS give you free food. Just do it sparingly so you don’t get caught.

17. Or free weed

Want some free weed/alcohol? Just say that it’s your first time and someone will always be glad to loan you some.


18. The best way to get fresh fries every time at McDonald’s

If it’s 2am and you’re at McDonald’s wanting fries, but you don’t want the old, stale ones that have been sitting there for three hours, order your fries with no salt.
They salt them right after they make them, so they have to make you a fresh batch. Then go get salt from the condiment thingy. Or be that guy and ask them for salt and watch them start to hate you.


19. Feeling like a free meal?

I know a guy who used to get free meals all the time. I’m not condoning it, but it worked. He would find a chain restaurant, like an Olive Garden or Applebee’s or such, and call them during the day to ask what manager was on duty that night. Then he’d call during dinner and ask to speak to the manager by name. “Hi. Um, Dave? Yeah, this is Mr. Madeupnameski, from Acitythatsnotthiscity. I’m not sure if you remember me, but about eight months ago or so I was in there with my wife, Useanameheretoreinforcestory, and the meal just wasn’t up to par. You said if I was ever in town again to give you a call and…”
And Dave won’t give a fuck. He’s not invested. He doesn’t get dividends for breadsticks or anything. He just wants to get through his shift so he can hopefully get a handjob from the hostess in a booth in the back after they close. He doesn’t remember you, but he doesn’t care. And even if he did, does he really remember what happened eight months ago? No, because he just wanted to get through his shift so he could hopefully get a handjob from the hostess in a booth in the back after they closed.

20. Oh ok!

Fuck a girl in her ass. Prevents pregnancy.

21. You’re such a coinstar

Put a rolled up sock in the change slot on a vending machine, come back back 4 days later….and pull sock….you will be 6 dollars richer. Lol

22. Probably the right choice.

If I ever own a store I should not install a self-checkout line.

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