20 Bartenders Reveal What Your Drink Says About You


13. This is actually HILARIOUS

There’s a small dive bar on High St. near my old college campus called “Too’s: spirits under High” and they have a shot called a “tidal wave.” The ingredients aren’t listed on the board, it just says “we can’t tell you whats in it, but it’ll make you wet.”

Turns out, when you order it, they give you a shot of some cheap bomb, then splash a cup of water in your face after you slam it… so if you order a “tidal wave” for your friend, you’re a huge douche, but its funny for everyone else (unless you’re standing directly behind the victim)


14. You are actually the bomb

If you order Laphroaig or Lagavulin, neat, you’re a badass. But I hate you for making me smell like it all night.


15. You have absolutely no couth

Former Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler used to come sit at my bar and order appletinis and fruity shots like sex on the beach. He is apparently diabetic and the sugary drinks made him act crazy. He also ran up massive tabs and would tip zero.
So I guess a grown man ordering appletinis and sex on the beaches says you’re a confused manchild with no idea how to conduct yourself in public.



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