17 Things That Instantly Make All Guys Hot

1. Being super interested in something that to anyone else is sort of nerdy. Like when you’re at the store and trying to decided between this product and that product, talking to a so hot guy who knows absolutely everything about the thing just takes him to a whole other level of hotness. No?

2. Having a savings account? Not like because being rich is cool or because like money is all that matters. More that you know he’s thinking about THE FUTURE and he has a plan and all of that.

3. When he as a unique fragrance that is all his own. Our bodies have their own special flavors, which is the idea behind Pheromone Parties (I KNOW RIGHT?) where you like sleep in a t-shirt overnight, pop that bad boy in a ziplock bag, scribble some number on it and lay them all out on a table at a speed dating event. People go around opening these bags, smelling them, in hopes that they will find their match based on the way they smell.

4. A full head of messy, unkempt hair — especially if the hair is totally not on purpose but oh so purposefully messy.

5. When he hands you a clean STD screening!

6. I love a guy who rolls up his sleeves either because it is hot out or because he is about to get ready to do something intense, such as sexual congress.

7. Any and every time he wears a suit. I tend to go for more casual/relaxed guys, but I don’t deny that dudes in suits are amazinggg. You see him and you’re all, WELL HELLO!.

8. Relatedly, any time said guy in a suit unbuttons his shirt and unties his tie. Why is this so sexy?

9. A guy who has nice hands is so sexy. Not just manicured fingernails, but nice, full hands. When his hands are really nice it’s like he has 10 little penises, and who knows what he might do with those things in the heat of the moment!!!

10. Any and every time he climbs out of the shower and you catch him just about to wrap the towel around his waist, still dripping wet.

11. For some reason I love when hot dudes laugh uncontrollably at something really funny. Laughing is largely involuntary, so when you catch your hot guy laughing at something, you’re catching him at a pretty vulnerable moment.

12. When you’re out in society and kissing him and he pops a boner; when you are out shopping at Target and he tells you he as a boner; any time bonerage is identified where sex is not immediately possible is hot.

13. And speaking of boners, what’s hotter than when a guy you dig gets a boner you can feel through his pants and then he starts doing that thing where he like beeps it at you through his pants lol.

14. Every single drummer, DJ, singer, pianist, saxophone, etc. that has walked the earth.

15. When he moans uncontrollably during sex or otherwise vocalizes how good you are making him feel right now. You’re going down (lol) the right path!

16. When you’re both sitting on the couch, totally doing your own thing, but the chemistry between you is palpable.

17. Knowing that your guy makes you feel safe, loved, and like there’s no one else for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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