21 Things Someone Does When They Really Like You

1. He will watch you while you sleep. Doing this is only the most precious thing you can possibly do with someone you like a whole lot.

2. Someone who likes you a whole lot will cook you special stuff that they’ve never made for themselves. But he knows you love potatoes and curry and he makes it for you even though he HATES potatoes actually. All 4 u.

3. They will let you come to their place of work, even if only for a few moments so you can get a sense of what its like at the office.

4. Someone who likes you a whole lot will shave your pubes for u. Actually, this is probably the only person on the earth who will render you this service.

5. He or she will always want to cuddle with you.

6. When you’ve spent enough time with someone you like a whole lot, chances are you’re going to pick up each other’s speech patterns, words, and intonations. You will start to laugh like your boyfriend and hearing yourself laugh will make you miss him if you break up.

7. Someone who likes you a lot will find any excuse to touch you whatsoever.

8. He will be protective of you, opening doors and clearing seats for you on the subway and carrying heavy stuff or making sure you don’t get clocked when you’re crossing the street. He’s there to look out for you.

9. Someone who likes you a lot will respond to your text messages right away or in a reasonable time frame.

10. If you’re just getting to know one another, understand that a top sign that someone is into you is if they start mirroring your gestures and body language. This is wholly subconscious, but whatever: if you’re talking to a person and he or she is doing exactly what you’re doing, they want to get it in!

11. When you take the subway or the bus and are forced to sit across from one another, someone who likes you a lot will stare at you the long of the bus ride. That or look down at you they are standing over you while you sit.

12. He or she may have no interest whatsoever in your stuff, but they might ask for suggestions anyway — movies, songs, whatever — just so you two can have something to talk about at your next date.

13. They will send you funny GIFs, pictures of cats and other things to make you laugh and smile throughout the day.

14. He or she will tease you a lot, making fun of you for your crazy habits that are probably weird to everyone else but insanely cute to him. We are all individuals, and that’s what makes us sexy.

15. Someone who likes you a lot will challenge themselves and do something with you that they’ve never done just because you like it and they want to understand you more.

16. A person who likes you a lot (and hasn’t told you yet) will stage a dinner party and invite a bunch of people over, when really you’re the only person he or she cares about showing up. If you don’t show up, they will be devastated.

17. They will be out shopping and see something that “looks like you” and will get it for you for that reason alone.

18. When you like someone a whole lot you overlook all the embarrassing things they do, like scratching their ass when it itches or grabbing something with their toes or having a HUGE hole in the front of their socks or drinking from the side of their mouth instead of the front. These are all the things that make you special.

19. They will do nearly anything to get you laughing.

20. They will make you a mixtape (or a playlist I guess?) of their favorite songs, labeling it something cute and awesome like I LIKE YOU MIXTAPE #1.

21. And finally, when someone really likes you it’s almost like they know you better than you know yourself. And that’s pretty scary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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