7 Definitive Signs Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Man

1. If They Constantly “Like” Everything He Does On Facebook

By now everybody knows that the quickest non-verbal way to tell someone you like them is to do stuff on their Facebook feed — “like” every single one of their status updates, every new pic, share articles on their wall, etc. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with someone, if you suddenly start seeing some new bitch posting and liking stuff all over his wall keep an eye out. It doesn’t mean your boyfriend is cheating on you, but it MIGHT mean this new bitch is coming for your piece.

2. If He Makes A New Friend Who Is Surprisingly Just Like You

Don’t tell me you’ve never broken up with somebody only to discover that their next person is basically you. Same style, same height, same everything pretty much. We all have types and most of us date the same person over and over. Of course, every relationship needs trust and you shouldn’t be so paranoid and suspicious that you don’t let your boy or girlfriend off the leash.

3. And If This New Friend Says Stuff About You Behind Your Back

Of course, the whole “behind your back” thing means that you don’t necessarily know when someone is saying negative things about you. Call it instinct, but you can generally tell when your significant other is being influenced by an outside party, a bro or a new girl: things he never used to talk about now come up all the time, or comparisons are made between the way you are now and the way you used to be. And that’s never a good sign. People are more likely to make those kinds of comparisons when they’ve met somebody better who makes them feel freer in ways that you don’t.

4. When You Walk In On Them And It’s Like YOU’RE Interrupting

Nothing spells “bitch I’m stealing your man!” like walking in on them being silly and doing cutesy we-haven’t-fucked-yet-but-oh-we’re-so-gonna type of stuff. Sure, people play around all the time, but there’s something about walking in on your boy or girlfriend where you suddenly feel like the third wheel/unwanted party. That’s because they’re in the process of building a bond, and that’s why the room falls flat when you come in unexpectedly. They’ve got a mojo going, and you just ruined it.

5. If They Laugh At Everything He Says

You know he’s not THAT funny, but that’s not the point. Laughing leads to touching which is an excuse to create a connection and have some sort of closeness.

6. If S/He Is Always Coming Home Late Because Of A New Work Thing


7. If They Are Texting Back And Forth — Especially Late At Night!

The only kinds of texts that come late at night are booty texts. It doesn’t mean that your person is cheating on you, but it also doesn’t mean he’s not capable of it. Why on earth is your significant other texting back and forth with someone late at night? I mean sure, we all get messages from our friends at all hours of the night. But no matter who your boyfriend is texting he should be able to text them in front of you — not that you are looking at their phone because you aren’t. If your boyf grabs his phone as soon as it chimes and takes it into another room or cups their hand over the screen or otherwise moves to another room to respond and dialogue with someone, you can be certain that somebody is coming for your man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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