25 GIFs That Sum Up Every 20-Something’s Perfect Night Out

1. It All Starts When Your BEST Girlfriend Calls You After Work

0 Girl You Want To Go Out Tonight

2. Girl, How You Doin?


You wanna go out tonight?

3. Yeah, Girl!


4. You Start Getting Ready

2 Get Ready For The Night

3 You Need To Be Flawless

You can’t wait to try out the new makeup you just got from Sephora!

5. Finally You Are Ready To Leave The House

6 You Know You Are Looking Cute

You KNOW you look cute.

6. But Still, You Have To Give Yourself One Last Mirror Check

4 One Last Check

7. You Arrive At The Club

6 You Arrive At The Club




They have never seen such a beautiful creature walk the earth!

9. Some Guy You’re Not Attracted To Inevitably Steps To You

8 A Guy Tries To Talk To You

“I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by you.” Oh really?

10. Speaking Of Drinks, You Need One Now

10 Because Alcohol

11. You Head To The Bar But It Is Taking Forever

9 You Go To Get A Drink

Why is this taking so long!

11. You’re Feeling A Little Impatient

11 But It Is Taking Forever And You Are Getting Agitated

This should get their attention.

12. Before You Know It, You’re Totally Wasted!

12 Soon You're Lubricated

13. But You Still Keep It Classy


13. You Rush To The Dance Floor

13 And Ready To Hit The Dancefloor

They are playing your SONG!

14. You Are SUCH A Good Dancer

dance moves


15. Really Impressive

15 It Is Really Impressive

16. Suddenly, A Hot Guy Comes Your Way

17 Suddenly A Hot Guy Comes To You

17. He Is Like REALLY Hot

18 Like Really Hot

18. Everyone Is Jealous

19 He's The Hottest Guy And People Are Jelly

Back off — the boy is mine!

19. He Asks If You Want To Dance


Why yes!

20. He Has Some Pretty Awesome Motion In His Ocean


21. After Hours Of Dancing You Realize How Late It Is


22. The Hot Guy Asks For Your Number

22 Hot Guy Asks For Number

And offers to give you a ride home, too!

23. But you Know What A “Ride Home” Is Code For

Ride Home

24. No Thanks, You’ll Just Call A Car

24 Car Service

But you promise to text him later.

25. He Waits For Your Car To Come And Kisses You On The Cheek Before You Get In

everybody wants to be us

You wait a few blocks then you text him that you had fun.

Then You Totally CRASH In The Backseat

25 When You Get Home

But the weekend is only just getting started. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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