21 Things Apple Employees Discover On Your Devices

Taking your computer in for repair can be so frightening. I mean first of all, all of your life and data and pictures and songs and illegally downloaded/copied movies/porn are on there. Second of all, all of your pictures are on there! When you take your computer in for repair, people are going to know what you’ve been up to so just get yourself ready for the ride. Since this is such a universal problem, I went over to r/AskReddit to find out the weirdest things technology employees have run into on customer’s devices. Lots of porn, obvs, but also other really weird stuff!

1. KateRader

One time a man came in, and said that the internet wasn’t working on his phone. So I said the ol’ “Let’s find out together” bullshitty line, and I open the dude’s phone. The guy was like a 60-ish aged white guy, I’m a late 20s-aged gal…I open his Safari, and go to a website. He just didn’t know how to do it. Then he asks me how to search, and the ONLY thing in his history is “interracial porn.” I looked at his Asian wife, looked at him, he looked at me, and it was the longest 10 seconds of all of our lives.

2. jrodtothemax

Once had someone from a site similar to suicide girls come in, and was big on promoting herself and showing off her photos. And then there was always the random wife who found their husbands porn stash after a transfer and wanted to accuse us of putting it there.

3. loofton

Genius here, once had to get a disk out of a failed optical drive. Old Grannies, Young Panties IV

4. drumbum7991

The vast majority of pictures were of two things. In 2nd place, babies…usually newborns. But in 1st place by a mile, was pictures of pets. People fill their phones with pictures of their pets doing the most mundane shit. One phone in particular housed at least 200 photos of the same cat just sitting there in the same pose (or lack thereof) not doing shit, just sitting there. As it turns out, people really like cats.

5. takeouttacos

Weirdest thing I have seen was a man using the display computers as an internet cafe machine to bid on a car on eBay and getting annoyed because they reset every 10 or so minutes so as to stop this type of tomfoolery. But after three identical complaints I walked over and opened up the same exact eBay auction for the car and told him he would never outbid me because I have the p/w to keep the computer working ( not exactly true )
He shot me a very disturbed and confused look and exited the store after 2 hours of trying to purchase some old car off of eBay.

6. its_foxy

I work in a small Apple store and one day we had to sync this guys new iPhone, iPad and macbook air. So we get going, and as it is syncing all the photos you can’t help but notice some strange ones in there…. videos of fake money being made, male chastity belts, and some porn (of course). It was rather awkward to look this client in the eye when he came back to pick up his stuff after we had done.

7. veewizzles

I work as an Macintosh Technician and we had a iMac come in and we found pictures of the owner and his MacBook that was opened and put upside down with the screen facing up (hope you get what I mean) and he was snorting coke off the screen.. Also there were videos of him banging his gf, which is quite a common thing to find on apple user’s computers for some reason.


Worked at best buy and I got a picture of this girl’s boyfriend’s dick over text while I was transferring her contacts. She wouldn’t stop apologizing.

9. Grimeshine

One time a mother came to pick up her daughters laptop from the genius bar after a data transfer from her old computer. When the genius’s brought the computer out from the back room she rudely insisted that she goes through the computer while still at the genius bar to make sure everything was transferred. They started going through the photos and the mother stumbled upon a photo album of a her daughter with 3 or 4 other girls in a lesbian orgy.

10. SeeEssBee

I used to be a Genius for a few years and a man came in with a non-functioning iPhone. When I asked him what was wrong he said “I don’t know man, just woke up and it won’t turn on.” I started to check for liquid damage thinking he might have spilled a drink on it inadvertently, and that’s when the stench hit me. What I had only now began to smell was the odor of stale piss. This dude had somehow soaked his phone in urine and gave it to me to try to get replaced. Needless to say he did not get a new phone.

11. Jbrown187

It’s amazing how many girls freeze when you ask if they want pictures transferred. The dudes don’t give a fuck.

12. therabbitheart

I went through the iMessages on one of the store iPhones. Someone was sending really nasty, mean texts to someone they obviously didnt like with an anonymous number. If you’re going to be an asshole, at least own up to it.

13. turbie

Something similar happened to me with my computer and my husband. I came across a news article about a very active white supremacist gang in my county. Having lived here for 30+ years, I was curious about them, so I did a google search, that lead to more searches. Then one of my kids needed something so I just shut my laptop. He gets on later and sees all these racist tabs open.

14. and_idancedancedance

Former employee. A girl brought in her own laptop because it was running real slow. Hard drive was basically full with all sorts of animal porn.

15. SL61

One day I was browsing /r/cringe on my iPod and came across a post about a neo-Nazi. In the comments someone linked to the guy’s profile on a weird Nazi forum. I clicked through some of his posts there just out of curiosity to see what kind of shit was there. Soon after that, my home button quit working so I had to take in my iPod for a replacement. Some poor Apple employee probably had to see 30+ pages of crazy Nazi fringe material in my Safari history.

16. ZIPP3R

DA’s hard drive was failing and had case files and photos of crime scenes. Bought a new computer and during the data xfer we saw a lot of terrible gore and stuff. We finally put paper over the screen.

17. OneOfThoseGhosts

one thing that’s actually quite common is that people start sharing iCloud accounts and their contacts and calendars and safari bookmarks get synced to multiple devices. in a lot of cases people get iMessages meant for the person they’re sharing an account with. once a woman came in and we helped her set up her phone. she used her husband’s Apple ID and got his calendar events of when he was going to meet up with his mistress. yikes.

18. OneOfThoseGhosts

one of the better moments was a few weeks ago when I was trying to help a guy and his girlfriend reset his computer password. I’ve learned at this point to ask express permission before opening a computer, browser, photo library… so I asked if it was ok to open his MacBook. he said sure. I open it up and immediately a video starts playing of him and his girlfriend having sex. loud noises and all that. he starts laughing and trying to close the window but the computer wasn’t responding fast enough so it kept going. girlfriend starts shrieking and saying “no! no! no!” over and over. I just stood there wishing I could disappear. great stuff.

19. StylinProfiylin

I once caught a dude signing up for gangbangs on craigslist. We used to remote desktop people that are on the computers for 3+ hours. he had no idea why we were laughing so hard.

20. Business-Socks

TIL (Today I Learned) when someone in the Apple Store demands see all their data was transferred, it’s time to break out the popcorn.

21. Vaultaire

Anyone else finishing reading this thread and going to wipe their photo stream?

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