16 Signs You’re An Introvert

1. You find it’s better to have fewer friends than a bunch of “associates” you barely talk to/know. You’ve had the same group of close friends for years, and it’s really hard for you to let new people into your friend circle.

2. You’re more of a listener, as in you let people speak and finish their thought process before you interrupt them.

3. You always think things through before you do them — ideas, projects, and you don’t really make rash decisions.

4. Nothing annoys you more than when your friends beg you to come out or to stay “just one more hour.” You just want to go home, lay in bed and watch Revenge on Netflix!

5. You always try to avoid conflict. You don’t want to make anybody angry, or wake up anyone’s bad side. But this also means that you keep lots of things to yourself.

6. You’re sort of a perfectionist. And if not a total perfectionist, than you sure don’t like to share your projects or ideas before they are fully thought through or worked out, which means you can sometimes be a slow worker, to the hatred of all the speedy people around you.

7. You don’t like to take the lead.

8. You’re a low talker — not just a “power quiet talker,” which Jack Donaghy invented on 30 Rock.

9. Surprises are not really your thing, and you don’t love walking into unknown situations. You want to know exactly how things are going to go down before you get there so you know what to expect.

10. You get really annoyed when people are constantly asking you why you are so sad all the time. “Why are you sad? What happened? Are you ok?” are always the most annoying questions people can ask you, even if you know they mean no harm.

11. You don’t do meaningless conversations or small talk. What’s the point?

12. You don’t really express your feelings all that well. You expect people to know and understand how you feel already, and this has been a problem in at least one of your most significant relationships.

13. Sometimes you doubt yourself.

14. You have a hard time with one night stands because you’re looking for something of a deeper connection — not necessarily a relationship, but something more meaningful than a bald transaction of sexual congress.

15. Even though you don’t usually speak out, when you do people are often floored by your savvy and ideas. They assumed you were useless.

16. You understand that nothing repairs the soul better than silence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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