The 25 Worst Things People Did In Middle School

The 25 Worst Things People Did In Middle School

For most people, middle school was the absolute worst. Every morning you hated climbing into that big yellow mobile torture chamber that dropped you off and fed you prepubescent wolves and substitute teachers. I barely remember anything that happened in middle school, like really anything at all, and it’s probably better that way. But curious about what other stupid stuff people did in middle school we headed over to r/askreddit where thousands of people spilled the beans on stuff they did or that people did to them. Observation? Kids are ANIMALS, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, lots of guys masturbated and/or hid boners in class and one person regrets having ever worn JNCOs. Can you believe that those were even a thing?

1. Autosohn

I wore a pirate flag as a cape for 2 weeks

2. eramaanviimeinen

I remember I liked one of the most popular guys in the school (he wasn’t even that cool, but i was a middle schooler and didn’t know anything about liking people). So, as he passed me at the lunch table, I pretended to fall, at the same time, yelling out the words “WILLYOUGOOUTWITHME?” He just continues walking and says “no,” without looking.

3. cobaltcollapse

I asked a girl out in 8th grade, she said no. No big deal, I didn’t care. In my locker later that day I found a note she had written, saying she only said no because she was nervous and in front of her friends, and that she actually wanted to go out with me. I was elated, on could nine. This was on Friday, so I took the note home and memorized it entirely. I fucking hated Simple Plan at the time, but there was one song that I heard on MTV and I made it our song, listened to it nonstop that weekend. I was in love. Come monday one of my dipshit friends told me he wrote it himself and I kicked his ass.

4. gbuzby

I rolled up a brownie to look like a piece of poop at lunch and walked out to the field for recess. I walked up to a circle of a few girls and started chatting them up. I dropped the “poop” on the ground stealthily and yelled “EW POOP” then proceeded to pick in up and take a bite. Why I thought that was a good move is beyond me.

5. gndn

I told a girl I liked her and she threw a clump of dirt at me. It hit me right in the eye and made me cry like a little girl in front of everyone. It was humiliating on all levels.

6. thatfatdood

I was in history class in eighth grade and it was the first time I was wearing boxers instead of tighty whities. The freedom was too much for me. I rubbed my dick over my pants the whole class period and almost came, but I thought no one noticed. It turned out everyone had been watching me masturbate during class. I kept saying I was trying to get a stain off, but I don’t think anyone really believed me.

7. throwawaypocketsand

Dated, and fingered, my 3rd cousin. We didn’t know we were related…

8. moresteaklessfanta

I used to wear sweatpants all the time in 6th grade because they were comfy. I also used to get boners all the time in 6th grade. There were many times where I’d be called to the front and would try to hide the boner in the elastic of my sweatpants. Many of those times it slipped out.

9. dinosauru

I had lime. green. overalls.

10. rachelrogers_

In grade 5, a girl in my class was standing in front of the whole class reading her french oral exam, she looked obviously upset. She preceded to pee her pants. Slowly in front of everyone her pants started to get more and more wet, and then eventually a puddle started to form around her feet. No one in the class said anything, or made a noise. The whole time she didn’t miss a word of the exam.


11. pictorialturn

I went to school wearing only my winter jacket. I forgot to put on a shirt when I was getting dressed and didn’t realize my mistake until I got off the bus. My mom had to bring me a shirt from home.

12. I_wasthere

The extraordinary number of times I was hiding a boner in my waistband.

13. genericredditorname

I played football in middle school, and I wasn’t really the “cool kid”. Got picked on a lot. No big deal. But one day, I was offered some hair gel from one of the guys. I took it and fixed my hair. Everyone started laughing, and I had no idea why. Turns out one of them pissed in the gel bottle and mixed it up. The nickname Pisshead came up a lot over the next few years, and it was mentioned in my senior yearbook.

14. clidd2

Abercrombie. Lots of Abercrombie.

15. thedude1993

The time I was hit so hard in the balls, my nose started bleeding.

16. rebelpride

I told a racist joke around my other white friends in 8th grade. They all thought it was funny, so I went home and googled a bunch of horrible racist jokes. This carried on for another year, and we started getting kinda serious about it. Planning on eventually joining the KKK whenever we turned 18. I like to pretend Freshman year and the beginning of my Sophomore year don’t exist. So glad I stopped talking to those guys. The beating was worth it.

17. injekted

My mom was just starting out as a hair stylist, and made me her guinea pig on a lot of stuff. The worst was my mullet perm. Only the back was permed.

18. Mindgrapes87

My mushroom haircut. Lasted from about age 3-13. My parents hate me.

19. jflo358

I finally built up the courage to poop one day in school. I was in the seventh grade and my worst nightmare happened…one kid jumped up and was hanging in the top of the stall while laughing and saying something. Another kid tried to come underneath the stall to unlock the door but I fought him off. Needless to say I was deathly afraid to shit in public for awhile.

20. Inssaniity

I’m black and live in Aus where out of the 2k students at my high school maybe 10 had an African background. In yr 11 Religion we watched Mississippi Burning and at every offensive or whenever the word was used I could feel the entire class watching me. I wasn’t upset or anything but it was just so quiet and awkward.

21. kawaiipoint2

I VOLUNTEERED to play the tuba… And I brought it to and from school everyday. On the bus.

22. kidorie

My friend Jenny wanted to be the first girl in our grade (6th) to lose her virginity. She was scared of getting pregnant, but more scared of buying a condom.
Solution: Ziploc bag.

23. bhindblueiz

I, uh, was that kid who masturbated in class. Looking back, everyone had to know I was doing it. Makes me cringe thinking about it.

24. greatnhumble

for some reason…i don’t know why…I would just sit around all day…and draw pictures of dicks…

25. heapspray

I had a pair of giant JNCO jeans because I thought the bigger the pant legs, the better.

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