Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen To This Song. Seriously!


I was going through some stuff at the legendary Rough Trade Records in London, which is soon to open an outpost in Williamsburg any day now omg, and as soon as I walked in the door I had a sound-gasm. You know, where you hear a song so good you’re just like F!! That’s the great thing about brick and mortar music stores and the downside of the digitization of music. Not music discover happens spontaneously anymore. It’s so much easier to go into a music store, where there will almost certainly be music playing, and you can ask them to direct you to stuff that fits your liking. The song that’s playing is so amazing I can’t even take it and I pull out my iPhone and Shazam the thing. I do it three more times and each time it’s the same artist. I’m like, I have got to buy this CD.

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Dexter is an elusive Berlin-based DJ and music producer. Let me tell you, with a name like “Dexter” it’s really hard to find out anything concrete about this guy. You know what happens when you Google “Dexter.” Anyway, this Dexter may not be a serial killer, but he is known for infusing amazing old-school style hip hop beats with other kinds of sounds that don’t really make sense together, if you just tried to imagine what they would sound like without hearing proof. On his most recent LP The Trip, Dexter takes hip hop to 1963, Abbie Hofman, and the creation of LSD. Music is powerful, and he wants us to go on a “Psychedelia Trip” and experience trippy feelings off the music alone — no LSD required to enjoy!

“Once Back Again” starts off soft, mixing saxophones, wave patterns, and an advertisement about “Tripping Out” and hippies. But then it explodes into an orgy of amazing-ass hip hop beat samples. It’s ridiculous. Most people just listen to the first few seconds of a song before they decide that they love it or that it is the absolute worst, a gift from Lucifer. But seriously, guys. Listen to this song for real. I fell in love with the uniqueness of the sound immediately because it doesn’t sound like what you think it’s going to. That’s why it’s so awesome! Dexter mixes 60s rock, lectures on LSD and amazing bass-busting beats all into one head-bobbing pacakge. If you need some tunes for your iPod this summer, this one is IT. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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