20 Things Guys Can Do To Become Instantly More Attractive

What makes people attractive is so subjective. Some people are attracted to this kind of guy and other people are attracted to that kind of guy. For instance, I kind of hate muscles. Done incorrectly they make guys look so PUFFY. Anyway, you can’t help how you look. But there are still lots of little things guys can do to make themselves even more attractive to people. r/askreddit always has all the answers for these types of things, so I went over there to see what people think guys can do to make themselves hotter. There’s everything from walking like you’re wearing a cape to clipping your fingernails because they go you know where! What are some things guys do that get you in a tizzy?

1. Nopsy

Walk like you are wearing a cape.

2. jeffAA

It helps if you don’t cross your arms and keep your hands out of your pockets (at least not both at the same time). Definitely don’t put both hands in the same pocket.

3. Stickleyman

Confidence goes a long way. Even if it doesn’t come naturally – fake it ’til you make it!

4. njhuang

I held the door open for a female once and didn’t even get a blowjob in return.

5. reps0l

Stand next to less-attractive guys. :3

6. bett20

Roll up your sleeves, women love that shit.

7. braindeadmadeofmoney

Lets talk about video games. I’d like to say, primarily, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ENJOYING AND PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. They are awesome and if that’s your thing GO FOR IT. But don’t let it consume you. If I walk into your home and it looks like a drone plane command center and there is no art on the walls, I get worried.

8. Kalamando

Don’t wear a fedora.

9. everyone_getsa_beej

Throw out all your white socks. Replace with black socks.

10. Are_You_An_Ass

If you have a big donk wear tight jeans so the ladies can see the outline.


When you pee, aim for the middle of the toilet bowl to maximize loudness and assert dominance.

12. Somethingpoignant

Never wear sweatpants if you aren’t exercising. When I stopped wearing sweatpants and running shoes, I almost immediately started getting more attention.

13. Sgttrentz

A tight speedo. Preferably one with an Animal print.

14. justupvotealready

Raise yo kids, raise yo kids, raise yo goddamn kids.

15. EXTinoy

Trim your nose hairs.

16. Canadian4Paul

Expert mode: become a lawyer.

17. girlsareforgays

No chick wants dirty finger nails down there. thats how you get a UTI.

18. flyingbelugawhale

Be interested in the lives of others. Ask people questions, find out about them and actually care about the answers. Be able to hold a conversation so you can both discuss each other’s opinions, lives, hobbies and actually have an interesting talk. Improving your conversational skills is a good thing in general. Have you own opinions and be open to discussion. Nothing better than intellectual debate.

19. makeupiscool

Pluck your unibrow! Don’t go crazy shaping, but plucking a little helps :)

20. Sir_Didymus

B.O. is bad. Excessive Axe / Lynx is almost as bad.

And I would just add going for a run without a shirt and then just kind of roaming around through society without a shirt. People will be taking notice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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