GIF Guide To A 20-Something’s Night Out

It All Starts By Being Bored At Work.

0 You're Bored At Work

Is this day ever going to end? Going out feels amazing when you need to distract yourself from being bored/real life.

5 p.m. Rolls Around, You’re Ready To Bounce.

1 Getting Of Work

Get me out of here.

Tonight Is The Night

2 You Get To Go Out

You know it’s a week night, but you haven’t been out in a long time. Forget class or work or whatever. Tonight you are going balls to the wall.

Call All Your Friends

3 Call Your Friends

Obviously you can’t go out ALONE. How lame would that look?

It’s Going To Be An Awesome Night

4 Bros Get Ready For A Ribald Night

You can feel it.

You Start Getting Ready

4 Get Ready For The Night

This is the hardest part about going out. What on earth are you going to wear?

Because You Want To Look HOT

4 Getting Ready It Takes Time

Maybe you will get laid tonight, if you’re lucky.

After Several Outfit Changes, You’re Finally Ready

6 When You're Finally Ready

Who could possibly turn you down now? Exactly — nobody.

Your Friends Tell You How Amazing You Look

6 You Know You Are Looking Cute

But you already know.

You’re All Excited About What The Night Will Bring

8 Expecting A Big Night

It feels so crazy to go out on a week night, but you read somewhere that weekday parties are the new “thing.”

You Storm Into The Club, Ready To Conquer

9 When You And Your Girlfriends Show Up


But You Are Subject To Intense Scrutiny

11 When You Walk Into The Club

Thirsty bitches.

A Bro Walks Through The Door

13 You Know That All Bros Enter The Club Like This

He feels so cool, and he has been doused in cologne.

Boys Start To Notice You

12 Getting Boys Attention

You play hard to get so you don’t come off “easy.”

You Are The Center Of Attention


BROGASM. They have never seen anyone so beautiful.

An Ugly Dude Tries To Step To You

15 An Ugly Guy

He says something corny like, “Do you have a library card? Because I’m checking you out.”

But You Are Definitely Out Of His League

15 You Are Out Of His League

Naw bro.

You Excuse Yourself And Make Your Way To The Dance Floor

16 You OWN THe Dancefloor

Your favorite song is on!

You KNOW You Look Good

17 You Know You Look Good

Dance like no one is looking. Swing that pony tail.

A Hot Guy Closes In On You

18 Some Guy Tries To Talk To You

He’s probably the hottest guy in the place.

He Is Like Really Hot

19 And He Is So Hot

You get a little nervous and try hard not to do something embarrassing, like throw up suddenly.

Everyone Is Jealous

21 Jealous

But what are they going to do about it?

Someone “Accidentally” Spills A Drink On You

22 Accidentally Spilled Drink

You can’t tell if it was an accident or if they did it on purpose. Eye roll.

Then They Puke On The Dance Floor

24 Somebody Pukes On Dance Floor


Somebody Gets An Attitude And Tries To Start A Fight

23 When Somebody Needs To Be Told

It’s time to go home even though you’re still having fun.

You’re Sufficiently Drunk

Head Straight To The Bar

But at least you can hold your alcohol.

He’s Drunk

One Bro Doesn't Realize How Drunk He Is

He asks to take you home.

Your Friends Cock Block You

25 Asks To Take You Home

But at least you know they have your best interests at heart.

You Know They’re Right.


As much as you hate to admit it.

You All Make Your Way Home

27 At Least It Was A Good Night

But at least it was a good night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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