30 Ways To Make Someone’s Day


1) When tragedy strikes, don’t simply say how much you care via Facebook. Get out there and do something.

2) It’s okay to have your differences, but learn to accept all people with a loving, open mind, even if you disagree with their lifestyle.

3) Take a moment to think about someone else before you think about yourself. Violence is the most selfish act.

4) Smile at people sometimes!

5) When you feel the urge to be unkind, and lord knows we all have those moments, stop and ask yourself why.

6) If you have roommates or live with your significant other, draw some funny faces on the eggs in the refrigerator. That’ll put a huge smile on their face!

7) Tell someone you like their outfit. Trust me, they have gone to great lengths to piece this fabulous ensemble together today.

8) Volunteer — not just in times of tragedy, but make it a feature of your lifestyle.

9) Think about a person who has always meant a lot to you. Shoot them a quick message.

10) Flirt with that girl/guy who you are so convinced wouldn’t be into you like at all.

11) Don’t be selfish or even greedy — find pleasure in all the little things.

12) Fill someone’s parking meter when you see the balance is running low.

13) Respect individuality, don’t chastise it.

14) Give the homeless person you always ignore a dollar every once in a while.

15) Help someone because you’re helping them, not because you’re expecting to get something back in return.

16) Remind someone you love them.

17) Call your parents back. Don’t use excuses like you are “too busy” or “swamped” with work. Call them back as soon as you get a chance before you sit down to watch TV.

18) Send someone a care package filled with all their favorite things.

19) Make a donation.

20) TELL your friend when they are about to make a grave mistake as in, for instance, if they are about to go out and have chosen to wear head-to-toe animal print.

21) Don’t talk about people behind their backs — or, for that matter, in front of their backs via 140 characters on Twitter.

22) Carry around like 50 balloons and just give them to random people.

23) Tell people that, yes, they do indeed look ridiculous taking selfies with iPads.

24) Try to meet someone new.

25) Call an old friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. Gossip about high school or college or all those good times you shared together way back when.

26) Be brave and go talk to the person who is at the party all by themselves. You’ll brighten up their day, and you might make a new friend in the process.

27) I know you have spent a lot of time crafting an absolutely perfect playlist/soundtrack to your life, but walk around sometimes without your headphones. You’ll hear the world and you’ll seem much more approachable.

28) Leave your boyfriend or girlfriend an encouraging note.

29) Make someone you like a mixtape.

30) Please, for God’s sake tell somebody when they have something embarrassing going on like an open fly that provides an unintended preview of something, or a booger in their nose, or food on their face or something like that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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