18 Reasons Being In A Relationship Is Awesome


1. The first time you make them a mixtape of all your favorite songs or songs that make you think about them. Maybe you play it when you go on long drives or maybe you give it to them when you’re going to be out of town for a while. In any case, no gesture is more romantic than making a mixtape for someone you like a whole lot.

2. The Sex. Hooking up with random ppl is fine if you are just looking to get off and stuff like that, but it starts to get so boring and empty after a while. When you meet somebody you literally fit into/on, there’s nothing better than having great, amazing sex with them. Any time. A buffet of sex!

3. Finding fabulous recipes online and making them together — especially if you’re cooking in your underwear.

4. Taking long road trips. Nothing perks a relationship up like taking a nice road trip, and if you rent a car you might even choose to indulge in that other road “thing” I have heard people do when they drive in a car alone with their boyfriend.

5. Having hilarious inside jokes that totally make you think about them when you’re doing something silly. You text it to them and they laugh til their side splits.

6. Sharing good news with someone you care about. You got into your top graduate program! You got a book deal! Whatever it is, your boyfriend or girlfriend is usually the first person you share this fabulous news with.

7. For the Gays and the Cross Dressers: the fact that you can share clothes! Out of underwear? Just wear mine! Love that creme tank top I have? Go for it my brah! Sorry, heteronormatives.

8. Seeing old pictures of them from when they were younger, like maybe when they were in high school and you were like aww you were so cute and then you have sex.

9. Ice cream dates!

10. Watching them sleep, all curled up and looking angelic and you just sit there and stare at them and can’t believe you’re sharing a bed together.

11. When they introduce you for the first time as their boygfriend/girlfriend, even though you didn’t know you two were official.

12. Because they indulge in that really kinky thing you are into and they do not judge you for it.

13. Cuddling. Holding hands in public.

14. Getting in their “little nook.”

15. Laughing at people together. Discretely, of course.

16. That first semi-awkward kiss you share together because you aren’t so sure how your mouths are going to fit together, but you make it through anyway. It’s all smooth sailing after that.

17. When you are singing loudly and terribly to your favorite song, say, for instance, “Crazy in Love,” and they hand you a wooden spoon to use as a mic.

18. Getting your hair and nails did together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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