The 8 Best Songs About Butts


The butt is quite a magical place. Some of you enjoy merely looking at nice butts while others of you come at them in a much more, let’s say, direct fashion. Everybody likes a nice butt — something you can really hold on to. The bigger and rounder these butts are, the better it is for everybody involved. As a society of butt lovers we are so enamored with these cheek muscles that there are literally hundreds of songs about fabulous backsides floating around out the ass sphere.

Here are eight of the most iconic booty jams. Start getting low.

1. “Shake Your Booty,” KC and the Sunshine Band

We usually think that hip-hop is the place to go for all our booty poppin’ needs. But, oh ho! Disco was just as sexy and full of sex innuendos. There’s that song by Musique, “In The Bush,” where the chorus is like, “Push push in the bush” — and they are NOT talking about shaking apples off of tree branches, people. KC and the Sunshine Band, who made music in the disco era, LOVED them some ass and wrote a song about it.

2.”Bootylicious,” Destiny’s Child

Well one thing we learn from the “Bootylicious” video is that ombre dip-dye hair was sort of already a thing all the way back in 2000. You know people are serious about booties when a term like “bootylicious” makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary, the high priest of the English language.

3. “Rump Shaker,” Wreckx-N-Effect

The video for “Rump Shaker,” which dropped in 1992, is a fascinating historical document. Watch the video you’ll see all the “hot” things people had back in the olden days that would be absolutely ridiculous today. Things like gigantic handheld video cameras and jump suits.

4. “Donk,” Soujla Boy Tell’Em

There are little kids in this video, and they should not allowed to pop their booties yet.

However, this white boy can pop it all he wants to. I don’t even understand how he is doing what is happening.

5. “Ms. New Booty,” Bubba Sparxxx

So the whole theme of this video is that it’s a bunch of women sitting in the audience of an informercial for Ms. New Booty, a product that’ll get your booties together. The best part about this video, if you can temporarily overlook the objectification and everything, is the part where one woman demonstrates her Before Booty with a sad face, and all the women in the audience are like, no ma’am. But her After Booty was so hot they gave her a standing ovation. So many things to things to think about and unpack right thurr.

6. “Too Much Booty In The Pants,” 2 Live Crew

What’s a list about booty popping songs without “Dance, too much booty in the pants”?

7. “Da Butt,” EU

This one is probably my favorite booty song, mostly because it talks about butts without being TOO vulgar. Butt fun for the whole family! Peep this on the soundtrack for Spike Lee’s 1988 film School Daze.

8. “Baby Got Back,” Sir-Mix-A-Lot

On the other hand, this one is so vulgar, you guys. And kind of racist, too?

Now go forth and drop it like it’s hotttt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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