9 Songs That Always Make You Feel Fabulous


Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes you wake up and you’re feeling down because there’s a new zit on your face or one of your weave tracks fell out or you’re all out of meds or you broke up with somebody or you just feel less than perfect today. But don’t feel sorry for yourself. You’re amazing! Lord knows I have tough days, and that’s why I have a ton of go-to songs that always put a spring in my step when I’m feeling down. There’s nothing like listening to your favorite jam and feeling like you are the absolute shit. That’s because music isn’t something you listen to passively — it’s a full experience that totally affects your moods.

Nobody talks about it all that much, but there’s a whole sub-genre of songs out there about feeling fabulous, flawless, and being your best you. Music is therapy! So here are 9 songs that’ll always make you feel fabulous so you can pick that chin up and turn the world into your own personal catwalk, no matter what difficult shit you’re going through!

1.”Change Clothes,” Jay-Z featuring Pharell

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6G1uwe20wg&w=584&h=390%5D

Though Jay-Z prolly doesn’t describe himself as fabulous per se, hip hop is all about that bling bling, that cash flow, that expensive champagne and just generally being amazing at people. Listen to this one and you too will be able to step out of black cars and walk on a red carpet where paparazzi and models await. Best line of the song: “Best believe I sweat out weaves.” Okay!

2.”My Pumps,” Erikatoure Aviance

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msJa8AbYTjI&w=584&h=390%5D

There’s a girl in the cafe I’m in right now who is wearing all black but she has on these hot pink suede super high stilettos. YAAS!! She is owning the room right now. That’s because there’s nothing like walking into a room or down the hallway in your highest heels and stomping on that pavement like You Own Everything. People listen to you more because you are so fabulous and they want to go wherever you are going and will do anything to breathe within your air space. Best line of the song: “You can’t bring me down/Cause I got the shoes.” PREACH.

3.”Crazy In Love,” Beyoncé

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViwtNLUqkMY&w=584&h=390%5D

I know, I know: this isn’t Beyoncé’s most self-empowerment themed song, but it’s not even the words that get it poppin. Every time I hear “Crazy” I’m ready for everything so bring it. I have allllll the dance moves and hair tosses down and I also just discovered the karaoke version somewhere on iTunes omg.

4.”Werk,” Cherie Lily

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrN7Z9BYKy0&w=584&h=390%5D

“Werk” is definitely up there on the I Need To Feel Fabulous Now chart, and as soon as you hear it you’re going to wonder why you aren’t wearing fishnets and a gold lamé leotard. Stop being so boring. Cherie Lily — a fitness instructor/dance music artist and the better half of Andrew WK — is so fabulous that she can even teach you how to be fabulous. No really — if you live in New York you can take her gym classes at Crunch where you can get in shape AND perfect your runway walk. 10s across the board hunty!

5.”Are You That Somebody?,” Aaliyah

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuWMW7hVdTs&w=584&h=390%5D

Aaliyah is so timeless. Is there anybody out there who doesn’t like that A-a-l-i-y-a-h? “Are you that Somebody” is, for my generation anyway, an old school throwback that always puts a smile on my face.

6.”Cover Girl,” RuPaul

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3RB_56WziA&w=584&h=390%5D

Nobody knows more about being fabulous than RuPaul. Being fabulous is all about confidence and always knowing your worth, no matter what. “Box office sweetie. An Oscar nominee. Now watch me snatch trophies.” She’s talking about you!

7.”Flawless,” The Ones

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvY6hl6qOIw&w=584&h=390%5D

Years ago I was at Sugarland, this little club in Brooklyn, and I saw these guys do “Flawless” and I have been absolutely obsessed with this song ever since! It’s definitely a pick me up type of song. The majority of the words in it are “Just like perfection/Ego Alert/Absolutely flawless.” I mean what more do you need from music, really?

8.”Criminal Intent,” Robyn

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq_XPporTPw&w=584&h=390%5D

“Somebody alert the authorities, I got criminal intent” — yes ma’am! That’s how fabulous you are. Think that as you walk around campus today.

9.”Lady Marmalade,” Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQa7SvVCdZk&w=584&h=390%5D

Omg do you remember MYA? Where did that betch run to? Actually, all of these broads are sort of tired nobodies now, all except for Pink who is still doin it. But do you remember when this cover of “Lady Marmalade” was HOT? I sure do. I wanted nothing more than to throw on a bustier, a giant wig and some lace panties and roll around the floor, “Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi” !!! These girls are so fabulous that they drink wine with diamonds in the glass. They don’t serve that at the bar I go to. But maybe if I ask nicely? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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