How To Survive The Next Mercury Retrograde

How To Survive The Next Mercury Retrograde

For devoted astrologists, Mercury retrograde is a terrifying time. It’s a time where the planet’s orbits align in a way that presents the illusion of Mercury traveling backward. For us, it means utter chaos. This retrograde occurs four times each year, but keeping a calm composure during this difficult time never gets easier.

The next Mercury retrograde is a few months away – October 31st, 2019 to be exact. That means you have more time to prepare so you can survive the next time the universe attempts to wreak havoc on your life. With these tips, you’ll be thriving, no matter the astrological season.

Have a Back-Up to All Your Back-Ups


Common side effects of Mercury retrograde include everything going wrong. From crashed computers to missed appointments, expect everything to end up in the worst possible situation. There’s no scientific explanation as to why this happens, it just does, so don’t question it and prepare yourself.

Make backups of all your important files and set a few extra alarms for that important meeting. Cover all of your bases and brainstorm all the things that could go wrong. This may sound pessimistic, but it’s in your best interest. That way, when the universe comes for you, you won’t even flinch.

Bond With Others That Share Your Sign


The people that can relate to you the most are the ones that share your astrological identity. Find your community so you can bond together in the hard times. Finding similar people isn’t hard for Cancers and Virgos, the most common zodiac signs in the U.S. according to Framebridge. Others may have to search a little harder to find a match, but this is worth it.

Don’t Make Any Life-Changing Decisions

If you know you have any serious decision deadlines approaching, make them before Mercury goes into retrograde. You may think a couple of days won’t make a difference in your choices, but that’s not the reality. Retrograde can significantly cloud your judgment and make hard decisions even harder. You may need more time for clarity, but retrograde will provide you with ultimate confusion and may mislead you to the wrong choice.

If an ultimatum is unavoidable, thoroughly think it through before jumping into anything. Long term decisions will affect you long after retrograde concludes, so make sure its a choice you can live with.

Try a New Hobby to Keep Yourself Occupied

The best route to surviving retrograde is avoiding all responsibilities at all cost. Occupy yourself with a new hobby, like yoga or meditation, that will help you relax and find peace of mind during this stressful time. Even an activity as simple as journaling your thoughts will give you an outlet to express yourself and keep you a little saner. However, be careful not to take on anything too dangerous that provides an opportunity for more disaster.

Mercury retrograde isn’t a walk in the park for anyone. But knowing it’s coming and being adequately prepared is one way to hold yourself together. The next time this terrible season rolls around, be ready to keep disaster to a minimum.

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