10 Signs You’re Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be (Even If You Feel A Little Lost)

10 Signs You’re Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be (Even If You Feel A Little Lost)

Are you a little lost?

Just so happens you’re in the right place. Welcome. Greetings. Let’s be lost together.

Hi. My name is Mackenzie. I’m a freshman in college. Yeah, let me stop there. I’m in that phase of life where I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life. And yes, I’ve completely accepted this. I think it’s normal to be a little clueless in life. What’s tomorrow going to bring—who knows. Where will you be in ten years—no idea.

But, those questions are totally different from: What do you want tomorrow to bring and where do you picture yourself in ten years?

Yeah I know. A little corny, but it’s the truth.

It’s okay to be the in the lost phase. It’s okay to be lost in the lost phase. In fact, maybe it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.

You are on the right path. You have goals and dreams.

1. You worry less about what others think of you

There was a time in your life that you obsessed over what people thought of you. Appearance. Grades. Eating habits. Relationships. Everything. But you have now mastered the art of self-reliance and independence. Not one’s judgement or cruel criticism can tear you down.

2. You trust few people

As you have grown older, the group of people you surround yourself with has become smaller and smaller. Time shows true colors. Time has revealed who is truly by your side.

3. You have learned to love your mistakes

Mistakes are a simplistic part of life. You do not let your mistakes define you. You do not let your mistakes hold you back from being the best you you can be. You have learned that mistakes only make you human, and they only make you better than yesterday.

4. You are so afraid of losing what you have

Your heart drops. It shatters into a million pieces at the thought of losing something you care so deeply for, whether it be a relationship or new adventure. You hate to even imagine being gone for seconds. But guess what! The fear is a good thing. It means what you have is worth fighting for; it means what you have is special.

5. You understand that long term goals take time

Every day you better yourself. You push yourself and understand that with hard work comes success. Long term goals are exactly what they sound like—long term.

6. You find peace in being alone

You used to believe that being alone meant a sheltered world of darkness and yes, loneliness. But as you have grown, you have learned that there is peace that accompanies one’s lonesomeness. It is a time that you can reflect and detox.

7. You are genuinely happy for the success of others

You once envied the success of others. Oh, to be so young and foolish again. You are happy to hear that those around you are thriving and cannot wait until it’s your turn to shine.

8. You have let go of the past

The past used to eat you alive. Now you walk with a spunk of confidence. You have slowly but surely learned that although the past does not define who you are, it is part of your story. You have taken past obstacles and traumas and used them to better you. They have increased your self-worth.

9. The unknown doesn’t scare you as much as it used to

Not knowing used to scare you, but now you embrace it. You have realized that there is not a definite answer to every problem that comes your way, and you have realized that it’s okay. Tomorrow is filled with surprises. The future is written with mysterious adventures and opportunities. You have learned that the unknown is out of your control.

10. You follow your heart

You are finally letting yourself feel. You have finally stopped listening to the voices inside your head. You trust your heart. You do what feels right. You have let go of your insecurities and learned to love them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark