Here’s The Biggest Thing That Holds You Back In Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Saturn reveals what a person is lacking and what they fear. Overtime, these restrictions can be lifted. Saturn acts as a parent, providing necessary discipline and limitations to help “raise” the individual to grow and evolve into a better person. We look to Jupiter to see how we will be after we are lifted from our constrictions given to us by Saturn.


Lacks confidence, good self-esteem, and courage. May be anti-social or anxious because of this. They must learn to speak up for themselves and accept themselves for who they are.


Lacks generosity, harmony, and security. May be possessive and controlling. They must learn to let things be as they are and find a way to ease their troubles in a healthy manner.


Lacks concentration, ability to learn properly, and confidence. May have learning disabilities, social anxiety, and difficulty communicating thoroughly. Must learn to communicate in their own way and see the beauty of their unique expression.


Lacks comfort, expression of emotions, and independence. May be clingy, needy, and deeply hurt from their past. Must learn to accept themselves and allow themselves to let others know how they feel.


Lacks value in themselves, self-expression, and fain in themselves. May appear to be cold-hearted, envious, and dramatic. Must find a way to comfortably express themselves in a way they see fit.


Lacks the ability to relax. May be obsessive, nervous, and tense, especially when it comes to practical matters. Must learn that not all mistakes or minor details can be dealt with.


Lacks the ability to accept rejection, maintain their decisions, and find harmony in relationships. May have unstable relationships, isolate themselves, and have little to no stability in their love life. Must learn how to properly handle relationships, take responsibility for their actions, and become more reliable and committed to others.


Lacks the ability to trust others, accept rejection, and forgive. May be secretive, possessive, and resentful. Must learn to be more positive, calm-minded, trusting.


Lacks the ability to trust their own intellect, be honest about their beliefs, learn from their own experiences, and believe in themselves. May be easily influenced by the values and beliefs of others, may not have received the education they hoped to have, and may have been forced to follow the opinions of their guardians in youth. Must learn to think for themselves, be more open about their opinions, and become their own leader.


Lacks the ability to deal with authority and success, ask for help, and cooperate with others. May work and do things alone, isolate themselves, and may be bossy and cold. Must learn that success not only comes from yourself but with help from others who only want the best for you.


Lacks the ability to make and keep friends, embrace their unique traits, and see others as equals. May have a god complex and see themselves as superior due to their insecurities and their fears of rejection. Must learn to admit the problem is with themselves and not others in order to experience growth.


Lacks the ability to move on from their past, let go of their fears, and lacks confidence in themselves. May be overly sensitive, fearful, and timid. Must learn to see their limitations as strengths. Because they are shy and withdrawn, they spend much time daydreaming, coming up with creative and imaginative ideas. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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