Stop Giving The Most To Someone Who Gives You The Least

Angga Aditya

Are you tired of constantly dealing with low life fuck bois who do nothing but fuck you out of your feelings? Do you find yourself constantly taking the initiative for dates, outings, trips and get togethers? Are you tired of doing the most and receiving the least for your efforts? Well have I got the wakeup call for you and it comes in the form of two sentences:


It’s just that simple.

And I know what you’re thinking: “Well if I don’t do it, it won’t get done” or “If I won’t do it, somebody else will and he will leave me”

Sweetie listen, if a man wants to leave you, let him go! If demanding that he respect you makes him want to leave you, he was never yours to begin with. LET HIM GO!

When you know what you bring to the table, you aren’t afraid to get up from the table when love is no longer being served. Thing is you are under no obligation whatsoever to wait for him to come to his senses or to be sure about you. While he is still trying to decide if you are someone that he wants to share a life with, go down in the DM. Meet other men. Begin to find his replacement.

Remember you never have to chase him when you know how to replace him! Why yell, scream and complain about things when you can meet someone new who treats you amazing! Why stress and age about the petty things when you can find a man who showers you with the finer things.

Stop giving package deals to men who only deserve happy meals.

Thing about men is they come in three particular categories:
1. Jump-off
2. Boyfriend
3. Husband
You have know how to treat each one and give them exactly what they deserve based on how much they have earned.

With that being said the following is a list of all the package deals each man deserves based on what he has earned as a jump-off, boyfriend or husband.

1. The Jump-Off Package:

The jump-off package includes nothing but what I’d like to call: “Mood Dick”. Basically how it works is when you’re in the mood, they get some dick. Their deal consists of nothing more than the occasional 3am text for some 4am head as the only package they are entitled to is the one between your legs.

The Boyfriend Package:

This package includes:
• Occasional dates
• Occasional cuddle sessions
• Occasional dick downs
• Possible meeting of the family
• Maybe a cooked meal here and there
• Small tokens of affection carefully measured for intent

The Boyfriend while demonstrating a measure of commitment has not fully given his heart to you and therefore should not be getting all of your benefits until he does. He should only get a preview of how good it is to be with you. Never unveil the main attraction until after he has symbolized his love for you by making you official and putting a ring on your finger. Which brings me to:

3. The Husband Package:

This is the Ultimate Premium Package reserved for the one who has demonstrated his ability to commit without reservation and has made various investments that has proven his unwavering devotion to you. This package includes:
• Frequent sex and unlimited head
• A lifetime membership to your heart
• Unlimited massages
• A partner with emotional, physical, mental, financial and legal benefits
• Regular home-cooked meals
• A full-time travel companion
• Fidelity and adventurous monogamy
• Constant affection
• Beautiful lifetime memories (as the only thing a jump-off is entitled to is being forgotten)

Let’s face it, it’s getting pretty late in the game to be telling people how they should be treating you. It’s time to start building memories as opposed to collecting stolen moments.

Not every man you meet is husband material. Like an artist or a seamstress, it’s about knowing the medium and materials you got to work with before designing and tailoring the life of your dreams. Fact is you can’t make silk out of polyester blends. Same way you can’t make husbands out of prepubescent men. But what you can do is assess potential and realize who deserves your best and who deserves what’s left. In the end you will be happy that you did because there are levels to this shit and not everyone is ready to get on your level. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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