Lucy Wickham

I’m handing you my box full of darkness.

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Lucy Wickham

It’s Time For You To Move On

Accept the woman you are without him. Accept that things will never work out with this one. Accept that your love is made for someone else. Someone you haven’t met yet, and someone you won’t have the chance of meeting if you stay hung up on this guy.

I Wish I Had Meant To You What You Meant To Me

I know I like you more than you like me. I know this because I’ve said it to you before and you don’t contradict me. I tell you I will be the one to get hurt. You don’t argue with that either.

I Should Have Left You Behind In 2015

I want to cry you out. I want to get you out of my system. I want to forget about you. I want to move on from you. I want to be over you. I want to be able to feel validated without your approval.