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Please, Don’t Be That Wasted Friend

In my opinion, the “wasted friend” title is semi-acceptable in college. We act understanding about it because “shit happens.” But after graduation? No way. If someone doesn’t have their alcohol consumption in-check after college, then I have no empathy for them.

It’s Time For You To Move On

Accept the woman you are without him. Accept that things will never work out with this one. Accept that your love is made for someone else. Someone you haven’t met yet, and someone you won’t have the chance of meeting if you stay hung up on this guy.

When Your Relationship Has An Expiration Date

There’s something about this one. Something that seems so right and beautiful. You don’t want to let it go. But you don’t know how to tell him either. Because to tell him would be to go against everything the relationship was founded upon: the mutual understanding that it would end when distance came into play.

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