Self-Love Should Come First

self love
Tiko Giorgadze

Someday, when the time is right,

I know a soul will come.

Someone with a heart that speaks

only of my name,

hands to hold me gently

under the moonlight.

Someone to lay with under the sheets

on a cold, rainy night,

our bodies perfectly in sync

like how the stars align flawlessly

on a destined day.

It sounds beautiful

to hope, to believe

and so I will.

In the meantime,

“table for one” are the words to utter to the waiter,

steal glances upon the empty seat

on the way to the next hike,

and feel the air of the sea breeze

without anyone to miss.

It takes courage

to enjoy things that are meant for two,

but there is no need to rush.

Your 20s are the greatest time

to love yourself tenderly


For now,

I’ll sketch a life plan

with my own pen,

brave these little battles

independently and ferociously,

and love myself so deeply

until the man who proves to do it better arrives.

— self-love comes first before the right person will  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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