Just Shut Up And Love Someone

We are being surrounded with so many people bad mouthing love.You would see tweets and posts of friends and strangers rant about how broken their hearts are because someone they care for chose to stop having a relationship with them. Most blame this love for ruining their lives, for breaking their trusts in people and for destroying their perceptions about being happy. It’s as if loving brought us too many burdens. Too often, we think of love as a bad thing – as something that kills us inside – when in reality, it’s what makes us alive.

So love.

Love someone who grew old taking care of you. It’s only right to give back the affection and care she’s been giving you since your first breath.

Love someone who makes you feel you are invincible. You’re bright enough to know that he is serious. It’s time to put down the walls and let him in. Don’t make him suffer for the mistakes and heartaches he didn’t bring. You two both deserve each other.

Love someone who put you through pain because that love will be your warning to stop hurting her back. The love you give to someone who brings you sadness is the love that will make you strong. Besides, the only way to make a room full of loathe breathable is to make love overpower the hatred.

Love someone you can’t get enough of. You will be so used to the feeling of thrills and excitement that if it goes away, you will feel crazier than ever.

Love someone who is dead. Your memories with him will be the fuel that will keep you going. It will serve as your guidance for an eternal kind of love. No matter how long it has been since you last saw him, you know your love for him will never die.

Love someone who broke your heart. As much as you want to forget him because remembering the good times you had with him brings you tears, you know you can’t erase the memories you shared with him. Stop being bitter because at some point in your life, he gave you the happiness that you wanted and needed.

Love someone who you think is not even worth it because no matter how much it seems some people are not worthy, every one of us is still entitled to be loved.

Love someone you do not know. You’ll never know if one day, you will come across a stranger’s path again and with a twist of fate, you will be the one in dire need of some cheering up.

Love because even if it brings you pain at times, it still brings out the best in you. But most of all, love not for the reasons or causes that will benefit you, but because you are a wonderful person capable of sharing your light with people.

Don’t attach the meaning of grief in love because you have been broken once or too many times. No matter how much you deny that you will open your heart again, without noticing it, you are going to love. Stop being so scared and just love. Don’t let a heartbreak ruin your potential of loving. Too many opportunities will be wasted if you decide to give up on love.

But if the time will come and love will fail you once more, stitch your heart and love again. Being hurt because of love is inevitable anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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