17 Everyday Things Only A Pisces Will Understand

17 Everyday Things Only A Pisces Will Understand
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You have a huge heart, full of kindness and compassion. You empathize with others in a way that most do not understand. This means you feel what they feel, whether you want to or not. Generosity is certainly one of your strong suits.


You’re eager to help without expecting anything in return. You try not to expect much from people at all, actually.


You thrive on trying to “figure people out”. Outside appearance creates little interest in comparison to what is on the inside. You need to know what’s happening below the surface, inside the soul.


You live in a fantasy world that others simply don’t understand.


You are a bundle of contradictions and indecisiveness.


Intuition is your superpower. You figure others out within just moments of meeting them. You pick up on vibes and body language in a way that is almost unfair. Your connection to the universe is mind-blowing. You easily pick on someone’s true motive and know exactly what is going on before it happens.


Romance is your weakness and even though you don’t like to, you wear your heart on your sleeve.


There will never be a box that you can comfortably fit inside of. You’re extremely complicated to figure out, and find yourself laughing as you watch others try.


A high threshold for emotional pain is your natural born gift. Being such a highly emotional creature isn’t always easy, so you’ve learned how to deal with it.


You know how to roll with the punches. You’re an expert in fact. Being highly adaptable gives you the ability to get along with everyone, and with little to no effort.


Alone time is an absolute requirement.


You’re artistic and creative in your own unique way.


Music is something you would refuse to live without.


Others tend to underestimate you, and you continuously feel misunderstood. You usually take the blame for things, even if they aren’t your fault.


Being so incredibly receptive to others leaves you feeling drained at times. Therefore, Pisces love to sleep.


You look for a partner with the perfect balance of aggression and compassion.


When you’re feeling hurt, you have the tendency to shut down and drift away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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