12 Guys On The Little Things Girls Do That Make Them Super-Sexy

Flickr / Courtney Rhodes
Flickr / Courtney Rhodes
Found on AskReddit.

1. Smoke.

A hot girl smoking. Sexiest thing in the world to me.

2. Get sad or mad.

The more I see them sad or mad, the more I become attracted to them…

3. Be shy.

Shy girls. The girls dancing on tables and demanding attention annoy me. But he one girl sitting back watching her friends make assholes out of themselves…she’s the one I talk to.

4. Be nerdy.

Nerdy/awkward girls, usually with big noses.

5. Act nice.

Not being a bitch is pretty attractive.

6. Act tomboyish.

Shortish hair, an aura of “I don’t really need a boyfriend,” a bit of a boy-ish figure.

Tomboyish girls, I like tomboyish girls. Some would say I want a low-maintenance girlfriend, but I would argue the following.

I want a friend I can hang out with, can spend my life with, who I can tease and who will punch wrestle me and punch my arm, but then instead of them sitting down after that, I can kiss on her mouth.

Basically, I want my best friend with tits and a vagina.

7. Talk like they’ve partied hard.

Girls with that “I’ve partied hard” voice.

8. Play chess.

If a girl plays chess, I am done.

9. Belch.

If a girl can belch, instaboner for me.

10. Change her own oil.

A woman who can and does change their own oil.


11. Sneeze.

Sneezes. Holy fuck. There’s something so ridiculously attractive about a woman with a cute sneeze.

12. Blush.

I love a girl that blushes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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