9 Things My Next Boyfriend Should Know


Dear Future Boyfriend,

Hi! I’m not sure if I met you already, but I’d like you to know a few things about me. I am both a blessing and a curse. Well, more of a curse, but I’m nice and loving, and probably the best girlfriend you could possibly ever have. Trust me! Everything will be worth it. Actually, I am worth it. I just hope that you can tolerate all the shit I’m gonna put you through.

1. Understand pre-, during, post-menstrual instabilities

I’m a mess when I have my period, so please make me feel pretty and loved. I’m also a bit sensitive and emotional (well, actually A LOT), so I’ll be needing all the hugs and kisses you can give. Or whatever, just be there for me!

2. Sometimes, the best things in life are free.

I hope you know that I prefer dates over gifts. I mean, cliché as this may sound but it’d be heaven here on earth if I get to eat my favorite dessert, at the same time, spend time with my favorite person — you. Aww, nothing beats that!

3. I’m your girlfriend, not your daughter.

Keep in mind that I don’t like you to pay the entire bill. It’s your (or more like your parents’) money, so use it to pay for your own food. I can pay for my own. The only time I’d allow this to happen is on our special dates like anniversaries (but not monthsaries please). Besides, we can both use some savings, maybe to fund our next trip together, so as not to bother our parents or guardians for these extra expenses.

4. It’s nice to spend some time apart.

You know how important studying is for me (oh! And getting high grades too), so I hope you’d be understanding if I can’t talk to you or chat with you often. I think it’d be nice for you to miss me every once in a while. Sometimes, these times apart help us grow and flourish.

5. Simple yet sincere over grand superfluous gestures.

I love receiving good mornings and good nights. It’s like you’re reminding me that I’m the first thing that pops in your mind every morning you wake up, and the last thing you think about before you sleep. It’s okay if it’s as simple as that; I actually prefer that over the long ones. I don’t need those wordy cheesy messages, because (1) it’d hurt to see the transition that after some time, those long messages will eventually just be the simple ordinary greetings; and (2) we both know that I always sleep late and wake up late, so I don’t think I have enough time to read everything everyday. I mean, I appreciate the effort, but it’s the thought that counts. So just keep it simple and sincere.

6. Meeting half way.

Please put up with my drama and self-esteem issues. I always rant about my weight or about my waistline, but I just want to look good for you. I don’t want you eyeing someone else, who’s skinnier or better than me. I can be very jealous, but put my heart and mind at ease by telling me what you want and I’ll try my best to be that person. You can have your fair share of agony when I tell you what I want. It’s all a matter of give and take.

7. I should not be the Number 1. I should be the only one!

Constantly reassure me that you love me and that there is no one else. JUST ME. And just in case you have someone else, just tell me. I definitely don’t want to spend my time with some half-hearted asshole, and you definitely don’t want to waste your time with someone who’s going to kick your ass the moment she knew your indiscretions. That being said, let’s move to #8.

8. Honesty still is the best policy.

Honesty is highly appreciated. If you don’t love me anymore (huhu please don’t! I want you to be my last already!), tell me. Again, as previously stated, it’d be best for the two of us.

9. Over and above everything else, just be yourself.

We both don’t want to stay in a relationship banked on some fictitious act. I don’t want to fall in love with the actor of you. I want the real you. In one way or another, we’d know our true colors, so why not show who you really are in the first place? What better way to feel good about ourselves (and our relationship) than to know that despite all of our inadequacies, someone still loves us for who we are.

I know we may and will definitely fight, but if we stick together, fix things, understand each other and don’t let our prides take over, no doubt, we’ll be invincible ;) And maybe, if you’re there, reading this post, you might want to give me a hint on how to react and behave, how to find you or at least when you’re coming?

PS. I’m patiently waiting for you, for the right time, for the right everythingTC Mark


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