50 One-Sentence Affirmations To Help You Get Through Difficult Times

Tough times are unavoidable. Suffering is avoidable. You may be going through a rough patch in your life, but you don’t have to mean to yourself. Learn to speak encouraging and supportive words to yourself to get you through the tough situation. By cultivating a kind, reassuring, stimulating internal dialogue, you allow yourself to connect to your inner strength; you allow yourself to see through the difficulty, and you provide the tools to get to the other side. Here’s a cheat sheet with 50 empowering phrases to push past your troubles.

1. I allow myself to be afraid; it’s a feeling, not a sign of weakness.

2. I allow myself to worry about things that matter.

3. I allow myself to think optimistically.

4. I allow myself to feel enthusiasm and motivation.

5. I allow myself to have a healthy dose of doubt.

6. My fears don’t define me.

7. I can be angry, but I don’t need to lash out.

8. I allow myself to hope for the best.

9. I choose to focus on solutions instead of just problems.

10. I can’t calm the storm, but I can calm myself.

11. Breathe in, breathe out.

12. I know how I feel, but I can’t control how the other person is feeling.

13. I take the time I need.

14. I allow myself to take a break and regroup.

15. I allow myself to stop and think about how I want to respond.

16. Every tough situation makes me stronger, wiser, and more resilient, and I am grateful for that.

17. We are to feel our feelings and not suppress them.

18. I don’t waste explanations on people who deserve my silence.

19. I respect myself.

20. I believe in myself.

21. I am a smart and competent person.

22. I don’t need to invest time and energy in people who don’t appreciate me.

23. I allow myself not to have all the answers; I learn as I go.

24. I may fail and that’s okay.

25. I may succeed and it’s okay to celebrate my success.

26. I can’t always control what’s happening, but I can control the way I respond to what’s happening.

27. If I try and I don’t succeed, that doesn’t make me a failure.

28. I am the energy I want to attract.

29. I allow myself to focus on my character strengths.

30. I have the ability to change.

31. Today is a new day.

32. Today I am not the person I was yesterday.

33. I don’t like being pigeonholed.

34. I am enough.

35. I am my own unique and authentic self.

36. I am more than one thing, one description, one definition.

37. I allow myself to say “no” to things that don’t nurture my spirit and soul.

38. I allow myself to say “yes” to things that don’t nurture my spirit and soul.

39. I allow myself to set healthy boundaries.

40. I will show myself the same kindness I show to others.

41. I choose to stop worrying about being perfect; there’s no such thing as perfection.

42. Being self-aware is a superpower.

43. I allow myself to accept the help and support of the people who love and care about me.

44. I choose not to downgrade myself.

45. I believe in my self-worth.

46. I love and accept myself the way I am.

47. I want to try one more time.

48. I take one step forward every day.

49. Today I saw the seeds for the kind of life I want to live.

50. I choose to make small positive changes every day.

About the author

Liza Varvogli

Psychologist & Psychotherapist. You have the power to change.