7 Wildly Simple Things To Do To Live A Happier Life

7 Wildly Simple Things To Do To Live A Happier Life

Everyone wants to be happier; everyone wants a better life. The question most people ask is “but how do I do this?” and because they don’t know the answer they just give up. Or feel bad for not being able to figure out how to be happier. But being happier doesn’t have to do with money, buying ability, accumulation of “stuff” or good fortune. Happiness is an attitude. Happiness is a way of living your day that doesn’t burden or constrain you. Here are some simple things you can do to feel happier, even if things are not “perfect” in your life.

Don’t Worry

When you worry too much about the future you also start questioning your ability to deal with whatever is in your plate. But this is a waste of mental energy, as most often the things you worry about won’t happen. But they still take up a lot of your time and energy. Worrying too much by itself is not going to help you solve any problems.

It’s a lot better and more practical if you just say “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there” and stop concerning yourself with imagining all kinds of difficulties and worse case scenarios

Don’t Hold a Grudge

Really. Holding a grudge and being angry at someone else is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Practice forgiveness so you can allow yourself to move forward. When you forgive you don’t necessarily forget, but you give yourself permission to carry on and focus on something important and positive.

Learn to Relax

If you are tense, anxious, a worrier and always on the edge of your seat, that’s not going to help you feel good. Recognize the sources of your stress and try to eliminate them from your life. If that’s not a possibility, then learn quick and easy stress management techniques like breathing and meditation to keep your stress under check.

Live Simply

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but truth of the matter is that it always works! What’s the recipe of living simply? Well, first off uncomplicate your life. Get a routine that involves resting, exercising, nourishing your body and mind and stick to it. Declutter your home and your working space. Choose quality over quantity. All these simplify your life!

Give More

Don’t be selfish. Give more of your time, energy, and attention to others. Be part of your community. Pay attention to the needs of others. Work for a bigger cause. Stop concentrating on what you can get. Find a way to give.

Expect Less

Don’t expect others to give you what you need to feel better, to relax, to get happier, to get successful, etc. Don’t make your life contingent on other people’s fulfilling your needs. When you don’t expect much, you are going to be happier with what you get.

Appreciate More

Learn to appreciate what others give you. Get in the habit of appreciating what you have in your life, big or small. It matters. When you start noticing, a shift will happen. Appreciation has been found to correlate with happiness. Acknowledge and value what there is and what you have in your life.

Remember that, after all, happiness is not a condition related to material possessions or situations in our lives, but it’s an attitude, our ability to manage our lives in a way that we cultivate an attitude that helps us be happier.

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