10 Ways To Make The Month Of March More Positive

10 Ways To Make The Month Of March More Positive

1. Smile more

Seriously. Get up in the morning and smile at the person you see reflected in front of you in the mirror. You are beautiful, you are determined, and you can change your life.

2. Be yourself

Put on that wild outfit. Wear your hair the way you like, in the color you prefer. Don’t dress like others, don’t think like others! Don’t try to think what others might think of you; don’t try to impress them. Just be your precious self.

3. Don’t complain

Really, has complaining ever changed anything for the better? Instead of complaining come up with a plan; set small goals. Do one thing in the general direction of your goal and pat yourself in the back.

4. Throw away clutter

Open that closet of yours and throw away five items you haven’t worn in the past five years. Even better, donate them.

5. Be optimistic

Got an issue? A problem? Stop thinking about the worst-case scenario. Reassure yourself “in the end things work out for the best,” and do the work.

6. Make a small positive change

What is it one thing you could do that would add something positive in your day? Decide to start your day drinking water, or get fresh flowers, or read one self-development article every day. You get the idea.

7. Unfollow negative people on social media

Why subject yourself to the negativity of others when all you have to do is say a virtual “goodbye” and leave then behind and outside your social media circle for good?

8. Practice a positive self-affirmation

You are what you think. Invest in your positive side and personal growth. Remind yourself “I am a beautiful, strong, worthwhile person,” or “I chose to build my life in a positive manner,” or “I have courage, determination, and I can face any issue.” You get the idea.

9. Show more gratitude

What’s good in your life? What are the things, people, situations that add meaning, beauty, positivity in your life? What are the small moments you appreciate? Notice them as you go through your day and make a mental list.

10. Step out of your comfort zone

Life is about challenges and changes. If you hide in your corner avoiding what you think may be hard or for fear of failing, you will never know what would have happened. Take a challenge, do one thing that scares you, dare to make changes. Dare to be the best you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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