15 Easy Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

15 Easy Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

You are significant and worthwhile, no matter what! Learn to be kinder to yourself; you deserve it.

1. Make a list of your positive characteristics.

Who are you? You are more than your mistakes, troubles, and flaws. Kindly remind yourself that! Make a list of all your positive characteristics and attributes, then read them out loud to yourself.

2. Give yourself the recognition you deserve.

Just stop and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Take a look at your achievements, the little and big things that you’ve tried for and succeeded. Pat yourself on the back for the progress you’ve made and all your effort.

3. Daily “me” time

Make sure that daily you carve out time for yourself. Yes, you deserve to have downtime or time to yourself so that you can do meaningful things that give you pleasure, happiness, and a sense of purpose. Don’t just veg out in front of a screen. Give yourself the opportunity to do pleasurable things that enhance your well-being.

4. Forgive yourself

Maybe you made smaller or bigger mistakes, you missed opportunities, you made wrong choices, you did people wrong, you let yourself or others down, you messed up—whatever bothers you becomes a heavy emotional load you carry around. Accept that mistakes are human, forgive yourself, and let go.

5. Collaborate with your inner supporter

Enough with your inner critic! You know, that little inner voice inside you that nudges, scolds, and criticizes you. Time to meet your inner supporter. Cultivate the inner cheerleader, a positive and encouraging voice that supports you and helps bring out the best in you.

6. Ditch perfectionism

There’s no such thing as “perfect person.” Once you realize and accept it, your life will become easier, and the relationship with yourself will improve. Embrace your imperfections and strive to do the best you can do and be the best you can.

7. Show yourself compassion

How would you address a friend going through difficulties? Or a friend who messed up? What would you say to them? Would you try to support them and encourage them? Would you reassure them and make them feel loved and accepted? That’s the way you need to treat yourself in similar situations.

8. Believe in yourself

You have hidden powers, strengths, and capabilities that you are not aware of. Appreciate and incorporate this awareness in your everyday life, in your attitude, and in your personality. Act accordingly, without fear, but from the vantage point of strength and determination.

9. Allow relaxation time

Being able to relax, having downtime and doing anti-stress activities is an important investment. Don’t underestimate the power of relaxation, for this is what you need in times of stress and pressure. Learning relaxation techniques is a beneficial thing, as you can apply them at will when there’s tension and turmoil in your life.

10. Schedule happy times

Just as you commit to the “shoulds” and “musts,” you need to commit to your personal happiness. Schedule regular times when you allow yourself to be worry-free, enjoy pleasurable activities, and do the things that warm your heart. You will find that time devoted to these activities is not wasted time; on the contrary, is time wisely invested.

11. Nurture your dreams

What are your dreams? Your aspirations? Your goals? Hold on to them! Think of them, visualize them, incorporate them in your life. Don’t let your dreams be part of your fantasy life. Acknowledge them, take them seriously, and plan the first steps you need to take to get there.

12. Respect yourself

A good sign that you respect yourself is your decision to walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you, grow you, or contribute to your happiness. Seriously, don’t get second best because you believe you don’t deserve more. Keep your standards and remember that you deserve the best.

13. Take good care of your precious self

A grand act of kindness is when you take care of yourself—when you sleep enough hours, when you work out and keep an active lifestyle, when you choose nutritious food for your body and positive nourishment for your mind and soul.

14. Invest in yourself

Never settle for less than you are worth. Never accept that “that’s just it.” Invest in yourself and become better, one small step at a time. Lose those few pounds, work that body, learn something new, pick up a new hobby, connect with positive people. Strive to make a positive difference in your life. Remember that by investing in yourself, you end up investing in mankind.

15. Cultivate self-acceptance

Have the courage to accept yourself the way you are—be motivated to improve, develop, and become the best version of you. But never, ever reject yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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