12 Easy And Powerful Ways To Make Your Life More Positive Right Now

12 Easy And Powerful Ways To Make Your Life More Positive Right Now

1. Be your true self

Your true self is who you are deep down, your character, your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and behaviors. Sometimes you mask all those to appear a certain way, to become more popular or to make others like you more -or so you think. But being your true self is your unique power. Embrace it. Make choices that reflect who you are as a person. Let your personality shine through. Be authentic and connect with others authentically, without worrying too much if they like you.

2. Care less about what others think of you

Do you like everyone who have ever met? Probably not! Just the same, it’s not possible for everybody to like you. And that’s fine. It’s a fact of life, accept it. Be nice, polite, do the right thing, take care of yourself, be generous with others, connect with people but do things because you feel like doing them, not expecting someone to like you or something in return. Invest in positive people and relationships.

3. Smile more

Yes! Even if things are rough, you can still smile. That’s a signal to yourself that things will get better, a reminder that you can go through it and be alright. Smiling, even if you fake it, sends a happiness signal to your brain and then endorphins -happiness hormones- are released, so you end up feeling significantly better!

4. Think positive

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but consider this: has worrying about everything or imagining the worst possible outcome ever helped you? No! Negative thinking makes you miserable and doesn’t allow you to assess accurately a situation, access your resources, and plan your response.

5. Be optimistic

Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you hope you win the lottery! It’s something you can train your brain to do! If you are an optimist, then you believe that your own actions result in the good things happening in your life; you know that you are responsible for your happiness, the quality of your life, and the fact that more good things are in store for you.

6. Complain less

When you go around complaining about your friends, job, life, whatever, the only thing you accomplish is to make your life more miserable. Complaining is a roadblock; it doesn’t allow to go further down the path of life, to find joy and peace of mind. When you complain you disconnect with your true self, because you tend to see only problems and not solutions. You also disconnect from friends, who get tired of your complaining. Complain when you need to but counterbalance it with action that helps you deals with difficulties and manage situations.

7. Appreciate more

Learn to notice the small positive things in your life. They are there, waiting for you to notice them. Don’t take them for granted. Acknowledge them. Cherish them. Add them up. You ‘ll be surprised to find that at the end of the day they amount to something bigger, substantial, that can define the quality of your life.

8. Declutter

Start with your purse, that drawer that’s overflowing with junk, the surface of your desk, and continue with your closet and any area in your house that needs decluttering. Decluttering by itself is relaxing! Schedule 15-minute decluttering sessions and see how much you can accomplish in that time if you can’t tackle the whole project. Decluttering offers a sense of accomplishment, control over your environment and your destiny, a sense of order and peace of mind.

9. Make a personal change

Making a personal change, however small, it’s going to remind you that you have the inner strength to do whatever you want with your life; it will empower you and leave you with a sense of mastery and ability. And that’s the first step to lead to greater changes.

10. Follow positive people on social media

Sounds intuitive, but do you do it? And while at it, have you unfollowed negative people? Make sure that your social media is a positive, uplifting experience without unnecessary negativity, conflict, and drama.

11. Stick to a healthy bedtime routine

That’s simply taking care of your physical body that helps you reenergize and be in a good mood during the day. Adopt a relaxing bed routine and make sure that you sleep those 7-8 hours every night.

12. Step out of your comfort zone

Pick one thing that you are uncomfortable with, something that you ‘ve been thinking about but haven’t mustered the courage to do it yet. What is it? Make a conscious decision to step out of your comfort zone and tackle it. Notice the good feeling, self-appreciation, and sense of mastery afterward! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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