This Is The Secret To Finding That Special Someone
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This Is The Secret To Finding That Special Someone

You want to matter to someone. You want to find the kind of love that helps you become a better person, a star shining bright in someone else’s sky. You want to hold hands with this person and feel you are walking on clouds. This special person, who looks you in the eye and makes you feel unique and valuable and worth the while. This special person who will protect you. Who will chase away your demons. Who will be there for you and organize the chaos around you. This special person who is still nowhere to be found. Could it be the next person you meet? Or is it going to be another case of a broken heart?

I hope you will find this special person. I truly do.

You hope you will find this special person. You can’t wait to matter to someone.

Maybe you are kind of lost. Where should you start looking for this special person? You look around and nobody in in sight. How hard do you have to try? How far do you have to go?

Consider this: but why limit yourself looking around you?

Why not start looking inside?

Inside you there’s a hidden treasure. I know you are this special person. The person you are looking for. You have inside you this hidden power. Maybe you don’t even realize it, but you have within you all you need to feel complete, happy, and unique.

You want to matter to someone. Yes! Start now, make sure you matter to you. Make sure you love yourself. Make sure you take good care of yourself. You accept yourself with your flaws and weaknesses. You embrace your uniqueness. You love your quirks. You love you. That’s the foundation. Self-love and self-acceptance. This is your ticket to the world. First you need to matter to yourself. All else follows. TC mark

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