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If They Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Should Be Grateful They’re In Your Life

Get in touch with the part of you that feels grateful for the small things, the things that go unnoticed or the stuff that you take for granted; they brighten your day and make you a better version of yourself. So, take a second to feel grateful and appreciative. Doing this you will benefit yourself and those around you because gratefulness and appreciation work like the ripples in a lake: they make bigger and bigger circles, affecting more and more of those around.

So choose to be grateful for these kinds of people.

1. Show you unconditional love. Maybe these people are not around anymore. Maybe they are just next to you, but you take them for granted. Just stop and think how their unconditional love and acceptance have made you a better person. Feel appreciative of this love; cherish it; acknowledge it.

2. Give you feedback and show you the right direction. Sometimes when others tell you the truth hurts; sometimes it’s comforting to hear a sweet lie; sometimes you just need validation. But none of the above will help you get any better. Always be grateful for honest feedback, that pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses. This way you can adjust your behavior and keep getting better at whatever it is that matters to you.

3. Remind you that you matter. Notice all those people around you who have reminded you in your social or professional life that you matter. Be appreciative of the people who think you are doing a good job, who believe in your strengths and talents and who see you as someone who matters.

4. Believe in you. Sometimes things get hard. You make mistakes; you face failure. Yet there are these people in your life who believe in you no matter what. The people who see your inner strength; who can see who you truly are and encourage you to be you and to keep going.

5. Inspire you to dare, dream, and do. These are the people who support you, encourage you; they are your cheerleaders or more quiet base where you can launch from. These are the people that see your potential and remind you not to just see it too but to act on it.

6. Challenge you to go one step further. They are the ones who tell you that you can set higher goals, that you can keep going, that you have what it takes to do it. They are the people who know that it’s the right challenge for you, that this is your life’s direction. They show you the way. You walk the way.

7. Make you laugh and relax. Yes, these are the people who are there to share the fun, to help you loosen up; they crack you up, they make you laugh and see the bright side of life. They are your people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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