How To Look Like The Perfect Woman

A perfect woman
Unsplash / Elijah O’Donell

Perfection of the self is easy. Being a perfect looking woman is easy. Attracting a man or woman who thinks you are perfect is easy.

I am not sure why women think it is so hard to fall in love with themselves and to make others fall in love with them. I can tell you exactly how to be perfect, or at least how to look perfect. It is not difficult, anyone can do it.

You must have a perfect body. You must be tall enough to look elegant but short enough to still be considered cute.

You must have a small waist, but you cannot be “too” thin because perfect women also have curves, but you cannot have such curves that you are fat.

You must have an amazing ass. It must be perfectly toned and big enough to notice, but also can’t be so toned that it doesn’t jiggle when spanked.

Your chest must be big enough to create perfect cleavage in a low-cut shirt but not so big that you cannot go braless in backless shirts and look flawless.

You must dress femininely but also look edgy. You must be able to pull off a summer dress with sensible wedges, but also look good in jeans and a t-shirt, but also look sexy in your pajamas.

Every kind of outfit must look perfect on you basically, from comfy and casual, to dressy, to professional attire, to lingerie. You must be able to look attractive in everything and your body must compliment every kind of current fashion standard.

Moving on to the perfect face — it must look outstanding no matter how the rest of you looks or how you feel that day.

Your hair must be long because it makes you look young and sexy, but you also must also be able to rock short hair because it is unique and edgy.

Your face must be flawless with no blemishes, long eyelashes, big eyes, and lips that constantly look kissable.

You must look this way without makeup because makeup is unnatural and makes you look fake and is false advertising. But you also must know how to do makeup perfectly and put on just the right amount every day so that people don’t think you look tired.

It’s all so easy, you see now? Being the perfect woman is as easy as that.

Read it and weep, because that’s the world we live in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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