16 Cashiers Reveal What They Secretly Judge Customers For Buying

Flickr / Franklin Heijnen
Flickr / Franklin Heijnen

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1. Bracelets that harness the healing energy of magnets.


2. When a guy buys feminine hygiene products and has to explain that it’s for his girlfriend. Dude, nobody thinks you were buying tampons for yourself.


3. Only time I have made an extreme judgement based on items purchased was when a man came in and purchased peanut butter, dog treats, condoms, lube and rope….. not even joking.


4. One of our customers buys anywhere from 25-32 bottles of laxatives a week. Every week and not the oral kind either.


5. The only people I silently judge are the ones trying to make up a reason for me to not silently judge them. So what if you eat that whole cake by yourself.
Live a little.


6. We sell batman underwear that comes with an underwear cape at my work. I always have a little bit of judgement when those come through my line.
Also, when old people buy leggings.


7. In high school I was a cashier at a local grocery store. There was an upscale “organic” cupcake boutique in town that sold their cupcakes for like $4 each, it was ridiculous but people still bought them. Anyway, the owner would come in every other week and buy about 20 boxes of Betty Crocker cupcake mix and frosting. She must’ve had like a 2,000% rate of return on those things.


8. I don’t really care what you’re buying, but if you buy a huge box of condoms and a big bottle of lube and change your mind last second you don’t want it; fuck you. Now I have to walk around the store doing returns with those in my hands.


9. The only time I really judged someone was when he came in and found a perfume he like and bought two. I said, “It would probably be a good idea if you have two women in your life {thinking wife, mother, daughter, etc} to get them something different.” He said, “Oh, no, one is for my wife, the other for my girlfriend. If they wear the same perfume I don’t have to worry about my wife smelling my girlfriend’s perfume on me.” I mean, that is smart, but it’s also shitty.


10. I work in a small hardware store and if someone comes up to buy a plunger (and sometimes it’s these young women) I wonder if they’re the ones who just took a big enough shit to clog up their toilet and have to come get a plunger.


11. In college I worked at a Drug Store at the camera counter. I didn’t do most of the cashiering but did occasionally. Here was a combination of items purchased by one customer that caused me to raise an eyebrow
Chocolate syrup, astroglide, childrens toy handcuffs.


12. I used to work at a local pharmacy and a regular customer came in. The only items he purchased were a wrist brace and a tube of KY jelly… He must have noticed me looking at the items and he said “I swear these are unrelated!”
Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude.


13. The most memorable customer I’ve ever had, however, was buying a pack of toilet paper, a pack of paper towels, a plunger, bleach, and rubber gloves. I shudder to think what kind of mess he was dealing with that day.


14. I was a cashier at Costco. Dude bought a giant jar of vaseline, a giant bottle of wine and the movie Brokeback Mountain.


15. Once, an extremely frail, very old lady came to my cash and purchased a single can of Red Bull. I spent the rest of the day wondering if it’s possible for old people to die via energy drink.


16. Guy came to the register with an apology Hallmark card, a bouquet of roses, and a box of condoms. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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