This Is Why Leos Are Impossible To Forget

The moment you fall in love with a Leo, you know instantly that you’re in for the ride of your life.

Beautiful, bold, and captivating, they hold a commanding presence once they walk into the room. Their confidence clings onto their skin and they radiate a magnetic charm that you find impossible to resist. When you meet their eyes, you feel as though you’re drowning into their icy twin pools and you’re utterly lost. They have the natural ability to make you feel on top of the world, and you’re drawn helplessly to them. You find them irresistible, and it is impossible to stay indifferent in the face of their suave demeanor.

Love with them is spontaneous and fun. You know instinctively that they’re different from anyone that you’ve met. They’re not the type who watches life pass by and settle into a mediocre life. They grab life by its throat and won’t be satisfied until they attain what they are after. They inspire you to go after what you want and live your best life. Being the optimist they are, they inspire you to always see the silver lining in the darkest situation. With them, you dare to dream bigger and wilder. With them, your life explodes into vivid shades of colors, and life is never the same again.

Love with them is extraordinary and magical. You want to spend your every waking moment indulging in all the finest detail in life with them. You want to hold them tightly, memorizing the shape of their face and the color of their eyes while feeling as though you’re the luckiest soul alive.

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Ruled by the sun, their love is stable, devoted, and unwavering. They put their heart and soul into their relationship and make you feel loved like never before. They’re extremely lovable and are willing to go to great lengths to make you happy.

Love with them is a powerful attraction. There is never such a thing as too much when it comes to Leo. They don’t half-love or half-commit. When they choose you, they mean it for life. You can be assured that come what may, they’re the ones who will hold your hand through every obstacle and be there for every milestone.

Their passion is fiery and vibrant. With them, there is not a possibility of doubt about their feelings for you. Their intensity is not for the weak of the heart. They love fiercely and whole-heartedly. Their love is a wildfire that is unstoppable.

In the face of their confident and unequivocal love, you find yourself falling desperately for the alluring sign that has captivated you beyond your imagination. They love you with everything they have, and they make sure that everyone knows it too. For once in your life, you are accepted and loved for who you are. Their cool and aloof gaze pierces straight into your eyes and seemingly into your soul. For the first time, you feel truly seen and heard.

Love with them is an unforgettable affair. It is the epic love of your lifetime. It is exactly how you envision love to be but never dare to hope for.

This is why Leos are impossible to forget. You cannot and never want to.

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