How Each Zodiac Sign Is Dealing With The Pandemic


You’re always on the go and living life to the absolute fullest. This pandemic has ruined all your plans and you find yourself staying indoors with too much energy to burn. Nonetheless, you’re still choosing to stay optimistic and finding activities that can keep you entertained for as long as it takes.


You find that your life is still relatively normal. You love your solitude and staying at home is your sanctuary. You’re well-stocked to last for months or however long this self-isolation will take. You don’t know what will happen, but hey, at least you’re well-prepared.


You’re doing your best to cope under this extraordinary set of circumstances. You spend your time keeping up-to-date on the news and what precautions to take. At the same time, you also find new and interesting hobbies to keep boredom at bay.


You feel overwhelmed and worried about everything under the sun. This uncertainty is driving you insane, and you wish you had the answer. Your biggest fear is not being able to protect your loved ones. Remind yourself that you’re bigger than your fear and do what you can to hang in there.


To say that you don’t feel like yourself is an understatement. Leos thrive on attention, social interaction, and living the life. Social distancing and self-isolation are much harder than you thought they would be. During this difficult time, you can still connect with your loved ones emotionally.


You pride yourself on your work efficiency and productivity. Pandemic or not, it’s business as usual for you. But be careful to set clear boundaries when working from home as you may very well forget about having a work-life balance.


As each day passes by, you find it increasingly difficult to stay afloat. You feel that normalcy is disappearing and your daily life becomes wildly unpredictable and uncertain. We feel you. Please relax, meditate, and take time for self-care during this period of adversity.


Pessimistic thoughts race through your head relentlessly, and you can’t help but think of the worst-case scenarios. You follow the news obsessively and can’t help but feel that the odds aren’t in your favor. Remember that in times of crisis, hope is the most powerful weapon that will guide us through.


You still have a hard time wrapping your mind around what is happening. You would prefer not to think about it and daydream about your next highly anticipated escapade where you can put this whole nightmare behind you. However, you should face reality now and stay safe.


You feel that this situation has caused great inconvenience to your daily life, especially your work schedule that has been in disarray. You continue to hustle on, hoping that this too shall pass. Take this time to take a much-needed break and connect with yourself.


You’re adaptable and independent, which allows you to cope well in this situation. However, your heart goes out to the less fortunate, and you wish that you could make a difference. You’re unaccustomed to having your freedom restricted and you’re trying to hold on to faith.


You feel like the world is ending and you question your existence more than ever. Be careful—you’re spiraling into a nervous breakdown. Breathe deeply and tell yourself that it’s okay. Now is a good time to focus on your mental health and self-love to ensure that you’re getting adequate care.

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