A Reminder That You Are Enough

You are enough.

As you travel across the landscape of volatile changes and rocky circumstances, I hope you never lose sight of the person you want to be.

I hope you realize that you always have a choice. The choice to own your ideal body. To work at your most ambitious job. To live the life that you coveted.

Through the mountain and valley that stretch beyond your expectations, may you be fulfilled and content during your journey. That you’re humbled and encouraged that a small being like you in an infinite universe has the power to cause ripples of change. That you’re alive and what could be powerful than this?

The sky is always changing and so are you. You are a completely different person you were from five years ago. The mundane routine may seem as if you’re stuck in a rut where nothing is happening for you. That you’re frozen in a time capsule while others around you are making great leaps of improvement across their personal and professional lives. That you’re wasting time on healing and waiting for things to materialize.

But the truth is that you have grown immensely. You have survived countless sunrises and sunsets and you’re still here breathing and thriving. You have witnessed numerous defeats and failures and you’re still standing stronger than ever. You have fallen apart indefinitely times and rise up from the ashes just as many times.

Some things take time and cannot be rushed. Your journey is different from another and that doesn’t make yours any less significant. You’re under no obligation to meet others’ expectations of you. You’re a work of progress and you should be proud of what you achieved and how’re you evolving day by day.

In the shadow of uncertainty, I hope you have the patience to wait for the bountiful of blessings that are coming your way. I hope you have faith in your own strength and courage that you have the power innate inside you to be making the necessary changes. I hope you gain the clarity that the only comparison you should be making is with yourself. I hope you trust that you’re more than capable of surviving the storm and you’ll blossom from the trial and tribulation.

Through the chaos that hovered around you, I hope that you find stillness in sitting with your own thought. I hope peace and tranquility settle themselves deep within you and chase away all the negativity and darkness lingering around you. I hope you pause and take a break when you need to taking care of yourself.

In the echoes of your self-doubt and fear, I hope you fall in love with yourself. I hope you grow to lean on yourself in times of crisis trusting that you can do this. I hope you love the skin you’re in and see how beautiful and brilliant you truly are.

Through the highs and lows, I hope you realize that no matter what happens, you are enough. You are loved. I hope you know that you can always start over today and follow your heart. I hope you see that right now at this moment is where you’re supposed to be and things will gradually fall into the right place.

About the author

Liane White

I write about falling in love and out of love.