It's Okay If You Aren't Over Him

It’s Okay If You Aren’t Over Him

It’s okay that you are not over him yet.

You have tried your hardest to erase him out of your memory. You have deleted his number and archived all your old chats. You have removed anything that reminded you of your old relationship. You have abided by the no contact rule and honestly; you couldn’t recall the last time you spoke to him.

You have done all that you could think of and you even tried meditation hoping to exhale him out of the chaos of your mind.

But nothing worked.

You feel that nothing could heal the fragmented pieces of your heart that are hoping for him to pierce it back with great precision until there is no scar visible. You feel that nothing could stop the torrent of past memories that seemed to mock you in your current state of unhappiness. You feel that without his presence anchoring you, you are stuck and aimless, as you have nothing to look forward to.

You feel that without him, nothing would be right again and you long to give in to this perpetual pain that haunted you persistently.

Throughout your whole entire ordeal, you wondered if you would stay like this forever.

Would you continue to miss him even after exhausting all your options to move on? Would you be miserable years down the road still unable to move on? Most importantly, would you love again?

What I can tell you is that as much as it doesn’t feel like it now, your suffering is only temporary.

One day, surely but slowly, you will stop thinking about him. Your heart will stop aching at the thought of him. You will stop looking for him in everyone you meet and understand why it could never work out with him.

You will go on to live your life and attain new dreams, new hopes, and carve out a new beginning. You will fall in love with new sights, new places, and the new you that is taking you closer to your own path. You will discover new things about yourself and become so much more at ease in your own skin. You will cross path with new people and eventually find your person and realize that there is a reason to all your past heartbreaks as they bring you to the one meant for you.

You will eventually forget about him because you’ll learn that nobody is really irreplaceable. Maybe he is special but you learn how to cope without him. You will begin to thrive all by yourself and understand that the only person you truly need is you.

You will be emboldened by this heartbreaking experience because it did not defeat you. It molds you to the strong, confident, and resilient person that you are today. It teaches you what you want in a relationship and to never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

So take it easy now and be heartened by the progress that you have made.

It’s okay if you are not over him right now because you know very well that one day, you will be.

I write about falling in love and out of love.

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