I Am Slowly Learning It's Okay To Be Not Okay

I Am Slowly Learning It’s Okay To Be Not Okay

I am slowly learning to appreciate my own strength and be kind to myself.

That just because I haven’t reached where I am yet doesn’t mean I should discount my progress. That while the road ahead looks dismal with tall roadblocks and impossible odds, I should never think of giving up. That while there may be parts of my past that I regretted, they ultimately shape me to the person I am right here at this moment. That while I may be lost currently; it doesn’t mean I have to stay stuck here forever.

Being there for myself is the fundamental first step towards self-care. It’s important to recognize that I am a work in progress and celebrate all my small wins. It’s crucial to stay in the present instead of constantly looking to see what’s next. It’s essential to embrace all my flaws and stop being so hard on myself all the time.

I am slowly learning to forgive myself for my mistakes and let go of all that I cannot control.

On good days, it’s easy to see so many blessing bestowed to me. On bad days, I have to try harder than usual. It’s normal to have one of those days when you feel out of sort although you couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause. One bad day doesn’t equate to a terrible life. It’s okay if I’m not feeling my best all the time. It’s okay to fall apart when things are not going smoothly. It’s okay if I start comparing myself to everyone who seems to have it easier than me. It’s okay if I feel unlovable and wants to be alone.

When that happens, I am committed to being there for myself every step of the day. I try to inhale calmness into my wellness and exhale chaos from my mind. I am devoted to taking good care of myself by being conscious of what I put into my body and include exercise in my daily routine. I am willing to take a hiatus from social media when I feel that it’s getting toxic and I find myself getting carried away in the comparison game.

In the midst of my troubles, I try to remind myself that letting go isn’t just about letting go of people or situation. Letting go means letting go of the thoughts that are not serving you. It’s letting go of the picture in your head of what your future should be. It’s letting go of the past that used to hold you hostage. It’s letting go of the idea that you are not where you should be.

Letting go is accepting the reality that you may be subconsciously resisting because you think you should be leading a better life than your current one. Letting go is making peace with what happened and doing the best for you even if the decision is a hard one. Letting go is listening to your instinct and prioritizes yourself because you matter.

I am slowly learning to be grateful and content to be where I am now.

What I have learned is that there is always something to be grateful for. This allows me to see the silver lining hidden beneath the dark cloud when I choose to believe in hope. This pushes me out of my comfort zone and takes concrete action to bring myself closer to my goal.

And I know that just by being there for me is the beginning of a lifelong love affair I have with myself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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