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This Is How You Will Heal From Losing Him

This ache in your heart, I promise you will stop hurting.

The tears that form in your eyes and blurred your vision as you sobbed uncontrollably, they are a testament to your strength, that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. The memories that you could still see repaying in your mind whether you’re awake or asleep, they will slowly fade with the passing of time.

You’re shattered right now feeling like nothing is going to be right again. You’re rational knowing that this breakup happened for a reason and in the grand scheme; it’s the best thing to do. You know that sometimes love doesn’t triumph and lovers part because, in real life, love doesn’t always conquer all. Yet the more emotional part of you detested it vehemently and you wished you could undo this.

You hated how you loved him so much; tried so hard to make it work, and have it all came burning down. You hated how stuck in the past you are yet he seems to be moving on perfectly fine. You hated how you have to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life from scratch not knowing where to begin. You hated how you have to get accustomed to being by yourself while his absence haunts you in all that you do.

The truth that you’re having so much difficulty in moving on is that you’re resisting this breakup. You feel that none of this is supposed to happen. You still believe in you and him and couldn’t see yourself with another.

And I want to tell you that your pain is valid. That you shouldn’t try to hasten the recovery process and expect to be fine immediately. That it’s only human of you to miss the person that used to be an important part of your life. That this dark time isn’t permanent and as surreal as it is now, you will smile again.

It may not feel it right now but one day, all will be right again.

You will get used to this grief that enveloped you, the missing him as part of your daily ritual and the constant awareness that your heart is not quite whole.

You will heal by going through life as normal despite all that because you know life goes on. You will heal by rediscovering your joy, your passion, and your laughter being reminded that life is bigger than a broken heart. You will heal by throwing all your concentration, your drive, and your focus into your work taking comfort that when one aspect of your life failed you; you’re thriving and hustling hard at the other aspects that you have full control over. You will heal by being grateful for the journey of how far you have come and appreciating the blessings that happened to you. You will heal with the help of your loved ones for their never-ending concern and unwavering support that uplift and encourage you.

You will heal by being fully in the present and realizing that the past has no power over you as all that you ever wanted is happening right now. You will heal by accepting the breakup and the lessons within knowing that it’s getting you ready for your next relationship.

You will heal by living your best life and one day when you look back, you won’t know how you got through it but you’ll be glad you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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